Hey George, you dropped your senior’s card – Bobby George starts looking around on the ground to much prepubescent laughter What? – George More laughter, because old people are deaf too. Yes, this is what is passing for quote of the week at the moment people!  Get involved!

Cup Round 2: A’s vs Immanuel C’s

The A’s proved far too good for a solid and determined Immanuel side at the Stadium of White.   The Whites forwards certainly butchered plenty of other chances, however the total dominance of the Whites resulted in Chris Gayen being seen on the left wing for stages of the second half, as well as getting off a fierce … read more.

B’s vs Uni SA or How to Stop Worrying and Love the Glamour

On the savannahs of Adelaide High the Whites gathered to take the field against the Afro-might of UniSa. The Glamour was riding high after a couple of ego-boosting victories, the team beginning to gel after the experimental phase of the embryonic season. The day began with a serious emergency when our new best player – … read more.