A team is Playing! B’s, C’s, & D’s are cancelled.

A Squad vs UniSA at home. Starting at 3pm, be there no later than 2.15pm. Dan Joe Bunny Crab Harry Amir. Rob Y Cain Scott Chris Anoop Gabe (after B’s) Amos (after B’s) Alex M (after B’s) Carlos (after B’s) Kirsten (if he’s not a Dad) The groundsman is letting us play one game today. … read more.

Training this week

The Uni has closed all grounds for this week’s training again! Tuesday: Kevin will take a fitness session 6-7pm for anyone A-D who is keen to train. Meet at the changerooms. Bring your sneakers. Thursday: A/B squad plus Yutaro and Matt Gartner to train at North Adelaide Primary School from 6:30 until 8pm. Bring your sneakers/indoor boots. … read more.