Sep 052017

The Year in Review.

What a year. The coulda, the shoulda the woulda.

It began in the heat of summer. Trump was campaigning on a ticket of racism, xenophobia and making the US ‘great’ again. Across the pond a new dictator stood in front of the latest crop of wannabes, has-beens and never-were’s declaring the protocols of his own agenda. There would be no welcoming speech only a declaration of a no dick-head policy, any DH’s present should leave now. Bresolin had spoken, we had a new leader with a clear vision to make the Whites great again.

Pre-Season began as every pre-season begins – full of hope and optimism. Wide eyed newbies mixed with the old guard, as the senior coaches peeled their eyes looking for the new Scott Penfold. Unfortunately, all we turned up was a disenchanted Rostrevor old boy. Bres did recruit a hot new keeper however, so things weren’t all bad. But with Bres in charge of the firsts, club legend Crab in support and Alan steering the entire ship, we would be honing a well-disciplined team rather than relying on random French backpackers to save us.

In the lower ranks, newly appointed coaches Matt B and George had to pick 30 odd spots from 5 thousand hopefuls. As the trial games began the black book began to fill with names that would get the chop. Hearts were broken and tears were shed. Someone’s Mum even wrote a letter complaining about how her ever-loving son was treated. It’s a tough gig coaching the 3-4th div of collegiate football, but that’s why we get paid 1 free snag each on a Saturday.

The season proper began with overwhelming success in the cup rounds. B’s beat Cardijn 12-0, D’s flogged Rossies 4-1, C’s got over Blackwood 9-zip and the A’s spanked North City 9-0. O glorious whites!  But our optimism would be short lived as we entered the league season v Pembroke with the forces of Darkness assembling against us. He-who-shalt-not-be-named gave our newly formed D team a wallop, George’s C were thumped 6-0, B’s narrowly pipped at the post 3-2 and the A’s were outrageously robbed of victory by a shady linesman to take home a point 4-4. On the up side, Alex was red carded, beginning his season by gifting us all some lolz. Going to the South Parklands and getting rogered might be fun for Kirsten Staff, but for the rest of us, it leaves a bitter after taste. But as Yazz wisely told us in song – the only way is up.

To cut to the chase, our A and B teams went on a streak of victories the like of which hasn’t been seen since Saf and Wez were ravers. Seemingly unstoppable the A’s found their mojo and Bresolin was already polishing the league trophy muttering I TOLD YOU SO I TOLD YOU SO. Former Rossie stooge Pedron, had quickly become a blanco-brother, and his dyno skill in the middle was allowed to blossom thanks to the robo-like running of Aidan Hall (RIP). With super flash wingers Matty Chan and Dongas skinning all before them, the Italian lawnmower snarling at anyone who came near him, Bres-academy wunderkind Ed Mitch the rocksteady full-back, and unlikely rags-to-riches story Ollinho Smith scoring some of the best goals seen since the days before Superman’s transfer to Sydney FC – we looked unbeatable.

Under the sage guidance of Crabsticks our ressies too were equally successful. Held together with a phalanx of mid careerists at the peak of their powers, a striker who seemed to score at will and club manager Alan who seemed to be everywhere – feeding balls from the midfield while turning snags and selling beers to minors on the sideline. In goal Dan Aiken – who, like the caretaker in The Shining – just seems to have always been there (speaking of Dan Aiken I’ve unearthed some footage of me from season 2010 calling for a short ball from him – view here). There were some hiccups along the way (bogey team Immanuel causing mild mannered James to suggest to the referee that he might be a f**kwit & the Sacred Heart 5-2 loss)…but this seemed to be the B’s season.

In the CUP rounds we pummled He-who-cannot-be-named’s D team 6-0 (thanks in large to a Pirlo-like appearance by a humble veteran playmaker, who put on an inspired passing masterclass) followed by victory against old foes Windsor (after the B’s had tactically softened them up, letting them win the round prior). An Indian summer meant the sun shone as we enjoyed a montage of snags, decent esky beers and glorious victory. It all felt a bit like the part in Goodfellas where he’s snorting mountains of coke, shagging his mole on the side and making loads of cash. Then something would go wrong and the bodies would start appearing

Meanwhile in the lower divs – things had not really got into 2nd gear. On paper the C and D teams were strong. We had a contingent of exciting new players from Oman, remnants of the Bres academy, some geriatric survivors of the Robo-Cop years as well as a few new heads who had avoided the summer’s hack ‘n’ slash. Standouts were brother Moatasem (centreback), Jules (prior to his bad Bali haircut) and keeper Martins. The D team showed a lot of spirit – and as cheap as it sounds we deserved more than we got – with narrow losses, avoidable draws and a plague of injuries taking out vets Saf and big Rob. Over cheap Schnitzels and pints at the PA we told ourselves that the C and D teams were a 2-year plan. There is enough talent in both teams to evolve us into a major force.

One of the highlights of the year was the ingenious idea to create an E team. Each week we destroyed the dreams of old and young, having to choose 16 names from around 30 players. Heartbreak, tears and whinging every Friday was my lot (and that was just from Wez). Alan, our can-do snag wrangler made a decision, enacted it and made it so in one afternoon. The E team was born. But who would manage this new entity? This was a carefully considered, highly tactical decision that might affect the club for years to come – given this I looked around the group after training and asked the closest person if they wanted the job. Ryan Harrowfield, desperate to get a game in any team and smelling the oily rag of power before him, said yes. He was anointed on the spot. Thus a new chapter of Uni White history began. No longer would the bottom of the barrel go hungry on a Saturday arvo – Ryan would get a game by choosing himself as striker week in week out.

The incident at Rostrevor was the turning point of the season. Aidan Hall was the little girl with his finger in the dyke (no that’s not a PornHub video) – and upon pulling it out he unleashed a torrent of misery over this club. Bres’s perfectly balanced team was thrown out of whack, and the less said about this sad day the better – needless to say it began a winter of discontent for our A team that it wouldn’t recover from. But what brilliance we showed, when it was good it was some of the best we’ve ever seen in at the Stade Du Blanc.

All hope for silverware lay in the B team’s charge to the finish line – and they were in with a real sniff at the crotch of the League title. Could this be our year? After giving Mercedes a right royal flogging, they knocked over Comets before destroying the blues 17-0. Special mention must go out to Lewis Whittenbury for taking home 3 points and Ellery for bringing shame to the Glamour by taking 0. The B’s had a severe case of Crabs – inspired by the old boy’s locker room banter and sage council it came down to the wire with a win needed against Rostrevor, and Mercs to lose. Alas fortune did not favour the brave (nor was it helped by Joe’s ‘clearance’) – and the bronze it was. But what a great season – one of the best on record statistically. As Crab said – the team did enough – just not enough in a freak year. Forza B’s!

So, like every season we had the good, the bad and the ugly. Unlike every year however, we had a sense that this club was re born, that it was heading in the right direction. Every week we had good beers and ice in the esky, the marquee was set up, we had our new signage marking our turf, seats were laid out, the BBQ was burning snags, the locker room was open and most importantly harmony reigned. Off the field this was the best year I’ve been at this club and I’m prouder than ever to wear the white. Much of this is due to the hard work and dedication of Alan – who has been the galvanising force the Whites have so badly needed for so many years. Big props to the Gaffer Steve Bresolin for bringing a single mindedness to the A team and the club in general; to Crab for his brilliant first year managing the B’s. Thanks to Alan’s husband George, my wife Kirsten Staff and our bastard son Ryan for managing the C/D/E’s, and to all the boys who took ownership by organising quiz nights, helping put out goals, washing strips, giving lifts and sharing their KFC chips.

We go again – in Season 2018.

R.I.P Chris ‘Sunday Soccer’ Haralam March 1, 1953 – February 15th 2017.

That’s it!

Jun 292017

It was a dark and stormy night. Well actually no, it was just cold, but nowhere near as cold as Woodside. Actually wasn’t that dark either, as magically the lights stayed on for the whole game.

Nonetheless Unley looked perturbed, as they had a right too, and not just because they were Unley. And not just because we had smashed them weeks earlier, but mainly because Jon George was on the match sheet and had been named on Facebook as a full back. Now many more disturbing things concerning Jon have happened on Facebook but we are not allowed to talk about most of those. Or are we now that certain forces have gone to the dark side?

Anyway I digress.

Mohammed increased the level of Unley peturburance by some margin. He made them look silly on a number occasions and got in behind the defense a couple of times, but unfortunately was not able to seal the deal. It was only a matter of time.

Super coach Ryan (not a graduate of the Bres academy as far as I am aware) decided to change it up by bringing super sub Jon George onto the field. This resulted in Matt Bate moving into midfield and Jon going to centre back as promised. I have the suspicion this had more to do with the coaches hope that this would put an end to Matt Bate hoofing the ball, M Williams style up the field every time he had it. That can’t be true though as Matt was heard to say “only short passes” to his teammates so I must have that wrong.

Anyhow, this structural change did the world of good and led to the first goal with a blistering free kick from Omar. Now I think it was Omar, as all those Uni Students look the same to me……so young they sicken me………yet I digress again.

This is the way it stayed at half time. If we thought Unley were perturbed we had yet to hear Ryan’s half time speech. I have blocked it out for retrieving by my psychiatrist at a later date but it had to do with love and I quote “maybe in a sexual way”. The sub-context appeared to be he really wanted to share a win with his good friends. Plato be damned.
In any case, it must have worked as the Whites dominated the second half to win 6-0 including 2 goals from Ryan himself. The speedy right wing substitute (no not me but Abdul) proved to be a real handful as well, and the defensive back four were masterful all night. The midfield controlled the game and Wez was energetic, creative and looked almost quick!

As I was running the line for 65 minutes you can see the small details of the game escape me….however I was freed onto the pitch with 10 minutes to go and together with Jon George free from his arboreal chains, created havoc in the Unley defensive area. This lead to a penalty goal for Jon after some wonderful skill from yours truly. I will be set for a start next week for sure (sorry Joe you asked me to do this).

Unley still had time to have a man sent off and the game ended with everyone being thoroughly satisfied with a 6-0 whites win (I think Unley were happy for us too), including having a penalty saved. Could have been more but I was on the bench too long.

Can’t wait for next week………………..can you?

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May 182017

One week after the C’s took on Windsor (and their linesman) and lost, it was the B’s turn.  It was round 2 of the cup, and players aplenty had started going missing already.  We still had a good looking squad though, with Coach Crab happy with the mix of youth and experience.

Eugene (dirty weekend), James (potty mouth), Stuart (broken wing), Simon & Patty (promoted) were all out.  With Big Dan away as well, Lewis took one for the team and donned the gloves.  Paul K – who’s been around as long as the opposition – started up top.  Ellery dropped in to #10; Leo stepped off the plane into #6; Gabe filled the gap at the back; and we were lucky enough to have Matt back on the wing.  Cup specialist John George, and Kirsten both came up from the D’s to help fill out the bench.

There was a chance we wouldn’t play at all though, with no ref at the designated kickoff time.  After a phone call or two though, he finally rocked up and we were able to start 15mins late.

We’ll blame the ref for our poor start then (we need to blame someone).  In the first two minutes, they played a ball down the left channel, splitting me and Gabe.  I thought Gabe had it covered on the by-line, but the crafty Windsor forward managed to give him the slip.  He took a couple of touches and managed to slam it past Lewis from close range.  Worst start possible.

Around the 15 minute mark it was 2-0.  A cross (corner?) just skimmed off their forward’s head and went in off one of our players…

We played ok for most of the half though.  A few too many long balls perhaps, as we thought that was the way to get around them.  We didn’t go through the middle enough, and when we did we made too many errors.

The second half was much of the same.  We had a couple of good chances.  Matt got onto a loose ball in the box to make it 2-1. Ellery skewed a chance at the back post after a low cross from the left.

I showed how little I’ve learned over the past two decades, and got myself a yellow while trying to get my winger sent off.

Rather than us running over the top of them, Windsor regained their 2 goal lead via the penalty spot. Thankfully their fourth goal was ruled offside to keep the scoreline fair.

On another day we could have had them, but this was not that day.  Enjoy the June long weekend off lads, and get around the A’s as we have a third crack at them.

May 182017

In the middle of May on a Tuesday night the Whites E’s got their season under way, 5 weeks after the rest of the division. A strange time to begin a campaign, in what was overall a very strange night. With showers before the game, a stiff breeze and lightning off in the distance, and our lights being ‘ok’ at best, conditions were tricky.

With the D’s regularly having 30 blokes to choose from this year, the whites committee took the bold decision to see if we could add a 5th team to the club in the collegiate league.

The boys will catch up on all their missed games & many of these will end up being mid-week night games.

An early highlight from the game was the 20 odd players who hung around after training to cheer the guys on… Whilst I’m not entirely sure all the banter was constructive, it did add a festive atmosphere to the night.

The first ever 5th team was a mix of players from the C’s and D’s squad, a couple of blokes making their Uni-whites debut and one lost looking A’s player to add some spice. With a dearth of defenders, but a plethora of midfielders and strikers we opted for a back 3, and an extra man in the midfield – in a bid to play to our strengths.

The Whites opened brightly, with some crisp 1 and 2 touch passing & the boys showing a good turn of speed. We controlled the tempo of the game & for the first 20 minutes or so we were decidedly the better team. We got behind the Pembroke defence a couple of times & Both Julian and Isaac (I think) managed to get shots away, but no goals were to come.

With rolling subs there’s always a chance that stability can be damaged. And it seemded as though that happened to the Whites. Our first couple of substitutions coincided with 10 minutes of chaos, as on 3 occasions we got caught trying to pass the ball out of defence and on all 3 occasions the turnover on the edge of the box restulted in a Pembroke goal. Whilst we also made a couple of chances of our own (Ryan hit the crossbar from about 20 yards) That chaotic period, backed up by a penalty meant a shell-shocked E team were 4 goals down at the half.

A possible highlight of the half came in the midsts of our melt-down when Wez wandered over to the bench and gathered spectators and asked ‘Who’s this Greek bloke out here? Why would he do that? We’re nice people!’ (after Alex’s first couple of touches had resulted in turnovers).

Ryan and Kirsten stepped up at the break with a few choice words – basically asking the boys to clear it wide in need, asking the wingers to play a little deeper and asking the midfield to be more compact.

The second half began a lot like the first, with the Whites again looking very good, passing well & generally controlling the tempo. George and Harry were solid in the midfield & Umar and John George looked like they were finially gaining an understaning of each others game. The fight-back began a little fortuitously though, as Telmoo and a Pembroke defender clashed in the box – both went down and a penalty was awarded… (we’re still not quite sure what for)… No one put their hand up to take it, but in the end George stepped up & slotted it home with aplomb. Marking his first ever Uni Whites goal, and of course the first ever goal for the White’s E’s.

From that point on, we completely dominated the game. Jules had obviously decided the game was his to win, as a barnstorming run took him to just inside the 18 yard box on the right hand side where he hit a tracer bullet shot to score at the far post. Not 5 minutes later and he’s repeated the dose with another powerful bomb from an even tougher angle.

The whites were sniffing blood now, and Alex and Ryan teamed up for a lovely piece of play, but Ryan’s shot skewed just wide from a tight angle. Then Jules decided to try his luck with the left boot, his first shot went just wide but his second from 20 yards was just saved by the Pembroke keeper.

The final whistle blew & we’d lost 4-3… A couple of silly mistakes in the first half cost us the result. But again I’m writing about the positives that are coming from the squad. What I’m really enjoying week after week is a never-say-die attitude to the game. Scores are irrelevant, effort is constant. Glamour is lurking.

That’s it!


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May 102017

In the absence of the great man Dave Wilson, I thought I better pen a few words about our game from last week. I did a Dave & had a pre-game look at our opponents. Only a couple of familiar faces from last year, with a lot of tall young lads lining up. Could be a tougher game than the one at the end of last season (which we won 6-1).

The Whites this week took on the previously unbeaten Immanuel, who’ve been averaging 7 goals a game up to this point. Matt & Kirsten had an almost impossible to believe 24 players available to choose from this week – and that’s not even including a bunch of guys who are training but not yet registered. Rob, Andre, Mark and Martins returned to the line-up this week, as did C grade regulars Michael Petrilli and Sam Burt meaning we had an extremely strong squad to face our top of the table opponents.

Pre-game Matt talked about 2 touch football & playing the way we’re facing. He also mentioned to run hard as we have a big bench to choose from.

Early on we made a number of good breaks on the wings, with Sam & Ishmael getting a couple of good balls in, but we weren’t able to score. Immanuel’s game was mainly about pumping the ball long to the tall, quick young lads up the front, but our back 4 were doing a good job of nullifying the attacks.
Andre & George were working hard in the midfield, but for much of the half Immanuel seemed to have an extra man in space & were often happy to skip the midfield all-together. Late on Kirsten was forced to make a diving tackle to save what looked like a certain goal & the ½ time score of 0-0 was probably a fair indication of the game.

At the break we talked about bringing the defence up quicker, making sure of our better passing game and also hitting the opponents harder on 2nd tackles. The boys clearly lifted in the 2nd half and with Sangers & Abdul playing closer to John up front, we started to take control & created (and spurned) a number of excellent chances.

It came completely against the play for Immanuel to score however, when their goalie boomed a long kick in & the ball bounced well past the ½ way line, allowing their winger to pounce on the loose ball and score.

What was most impressive though from the boys is how we lifted. We shifted gears & were pressing up the field – Immanuel spent much of the last 20 camped in their own half, with Ishmael, Michael, Sangers and Abdul completely in control.

Late on, we finally got our reward, as Abdul went on a mazy run & scored from a tight angle.  We continued to press for the final minutes and Immanuel were spent. Unfortunately though we couldn’t find the winner.

A point against the top team is a solid result, but the play in the 2nd half tells me there’s a lot more to come from this squad. Tough cup game next week v Rostrevor B. I know all the boys will be pumped for another big performance.

That’s it.

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Apr 242017

The B’s played a ripper first half.  We kept possession well, and got two goals from shot/crosses which both looped over the keeper’s head.  The blot on the half was us falling asleep after the first goal, and allowing Pembroke to run into our box and force the ball home without much of a tackle.   So 2-1 up, and we were confident.

Unfortunately it was a game of two halves, and we were under pressure for much of the second half.  We had chances, and we managed to keep Pembroke at bay.  It was disappointing then that we handed them their equaliser from a corner: a free header which should have been saved went into the net off Paulie on the post.

And then, with just about the final touches of the game, Pembroke’s left winger played a nice one-two with their striker, and blasted the ball into the top left corner from about 20yards.  Terrible way to lose a game in which we’d never been behind in, but you had to applaude the finish…

We’ll have to start again in round 2.

Apr 242017

A’s went 1-0 up inside 10 minutes with a Bres-special set piece.  After failing to understand the two-man free kick at training, the Greco-Roman partnership nailed it during the game.  Pedron faked the shot, laying off into the path of Tsirbas, who side footed passed the keeper.

Five minutes later and Dongas was left 1 on 1 with the keeper. He rounded the keeper easily to the left and poked it into an empty net.  2-0.

Up the other end, we failed to deal with a loose ball on the left.  Their winger slid to get to the ball first, and knocked the ball across the face of our goal.  Eddie was left 1 on 1 with an opposition forward, and the ball just evaded his outstretched foot, falling perfectly to be tapped past Josh in goal. 2-1

Soon after, we gave away a free kick just outside the box on the right.  The wall was set up for a right footer, but the kick was taken with the left, and slotted into the far corner.  I guess we’re not the only team who can score free kicks.

2-2 in about 20 minutes and then we get to the talking point of the match.  I can’t say I saw the incident, but what I did see was Pembroke getting a free kick, and the referee walking (limping) off to restart the game.  Their linesman then called the referee over for a chat.  End result of the chat: Alex is sent off for an elbow.  To say that those on our sideline were upset with this turn of events is an understatement.

Anyway, moving on… we get to half time at 2-2.

Not sure about the order after half time, but we copped another goal from a poor clearance, and Steve made a double substitution: fresh legs for Ari and Roschi.

To be honest, I’d had a couple of beers, and have a bad memory at the best of times, but I’m pretty sure Hendrie knocked one home after a mazy Liam run, and Dongas hit a loose ball to the far corner for another. Long story short, we end up going 4-3 up with 10 men and the sideline was going mental.

We were under immense pressure after that though, and unfortunately we couldn’t hold out.  We had a a couple of chances to clear out of defence, but copped one from another loose ball inside the box – and I’m pretty sure it was the same bastard who scored the winner in the B’s.

Bloody amazing game though.

Aug 252016

Today sees us at the beautiful seaside pitch at west beach! We are playing Mercedes who’s ground is unplayable so lucky us are here at ‘wind tunnel park’

Today will be a hot contest as Mercedes have produced some impressive performances with a 1 all draw with Pembroke and a 2-1 victory over Rostrevor over the last 2 weeks!

This is the form team in the comp so a very tough game away for the whites! Rumor is they have also loaded their side to stick it up us as well!

It’s cold, breezy and the pitch is average but not wet!

Mercedes look serious in their warm up and have come to play!

The Whites have Saf back but Rob1 still out, Jan back in for Arron and also Cam who are both up to the C’s

We may get a late shower as its does look darkish to the west.

Good start for Bres as he was pacing along the sideline on his phone and the kids game next to us push the ball out to the line. Bres not watching crashing into a poor Little 10 year old and took him out! In true Bres style he just continues to wander along the line and looks back with a smirk!

Looking at Mercedes they look like an even group with a couple of big boys! They have skills and an aggressive approach! Both squads have full numbers. Game on is my call but let’s go whites 3-2

One issue no ref and the start has been pushed back to 1.15 pm so he can make it…?
He has arrived and we have had him before and that was interesting as he is very emotional when it’s tough!

Game starts!

A very even start and both midfields look good!
A play down the left and Ellery is on it he passes to Abdul who beats the defender and delivers a great ball across the keeper to Johnny who pumps it in for the whites first! 1-0 whites . That was quick!

Early observation are they have not defended well so that maybe a bonus for us!

Saba another great ball but Johnny’s shot is blocked by the keeper.

A massive goal kick goes 69 Mtrs with the wind from Mercedes but Dans header is a fantastic for the clearance.

Dan with another great header clears the lines.
Mercedes push hard and are in the game as they settle after the early goal.

Corner Mercedes and they have a 6 foot 5 giant in the box!
The kick is taken and it curls on goal and it’s in as Dan tries to to save but bodies everywhere, it’s a goal! 1 all

Corner whites and it’s Across the front of the box but Abdul shot blocked it rebounds to Aaba and his shot is block as well.

This one is getting hot as the giant is about to squash Johnny as the mouths start to fly off! I can see the glint in Jan’s eye as it becomes a stand off with aggression rising! He loves this stuff!

Goal kick from Big Dan and one touch pass from Jan and Wes is in but it’s just long, keepers ball

A heap of sledging as there seems to be a strong dislike for each other! Rob2 also seems to lift in these games as the tougher it gets the harder he goes in!

Mercedes having a good patch but the defense in Saf, Dan, Matty & Sammy doing well.
Corner Mercedes and Dan crashes the pack and the balls away from a dangerous position.

I think a couple of Mercedes boys will think twice next time they back into BIG DAN!
Close to half time and 1 all

And that’s half time

The key for the whites is to run at them as they have a couple of big slower boys at the back and if we put them under pressure we will score again.

Second starts and it’s all whites Mercedes smash a clearance but Darren is in the way and cops a shocking hit to the eye from 2 Mtrs away and he is hurt! He’s off and I hope ok as it was a bad hit to his face!

This is very tight but you feel there’s more goals.

Ellery great ball across goal and the defender misses it and Abdul is on it with sublime skill he places it past the keeper, what a fantastic finish for a 2-1 lead!

It’s gone off here as Mercedes go berserk about an offside call and the game has stopped the ref get involved on the line with their bench not sure what happen but it’s ugly!

It looks as if Dan’s dad wants to knock someone’s block off! Let me say he is normally the calmest of all of Us and they have abused him to trigger that reponse. They are whingers and fools!

Beautiful ball forward from Johnny and it finds Wes on the ball & bang like Jamie Vardy at his best he hits an absolute Cracker and it’s in for number 3! The boys loved that one as Wes deals them a death blow and the whites take control!!!!!

This is one we want to win as they are a mob of big mouth clowns.

Free kick Mercedes and it’s a good ball and a spare man at the back gets his head in it but Big Dan get a hand on it but the rebound is back to them and it’s in for their second.

Extremely unlucky ( I hope that was a fair description Dan) Game on again 3-2 we lead.

Another corner to them and long but falls to them and the shot is wide but close. We need to rest control back as they are having a a good spell

Matty gets the ball and a nice pass to Saba on to Abdul and he slides it across goal… Who’s there??? it’s Johnny! and he bangs it in with a Suarez type finish so there’s number 4!!

4-2 lead fricking awesome Whites everyone take a bow!

Mercedes screaming like little girls at a Taylor Swift concert! They are experts at the rules as all they do is try to umpire the game maybe if they shut the hell up and just played it may be more productive ?

What they haven’t worked out is this ref hates it and is actually giving them less every time they abuse him! Nobs

We defend well with 10 mins left
Still at hectic pace this one is one of the better quality games for the year but tough!

Matty goes down after a late challenge and is coming off!

Another tackle from behind and is our free kick! That about 5 yellows for them!

Ball forward and another card and free to us and Johnny deliver from a dead ball and Saba try’s the bicycle kick but it’s saved. The boys have kept ownership of the midfield and defended realty well and that’s full time 4-2 great win!

And that was the best and loudest singing of the song all year!

Jan solid and addicted to a scrap, the harder the better – love it

Bobby some great runs and nice balls – well played

Sammy as reliable as ever and a rock. Has stepped up big time with Rob1 out

Dan best game for the year he was a great piece of our defensive puzzle. Congrats Dan!

Ellery creative, classy and skilled. Always a danger, silky smooth.

Wes quality finish, linkman, enigma, freak, team barometer!

Abdul was dangerous, again delivered up front and quality player!

Rob2 hard in the midfield, set
Up the team and defend brilliantly played a major role in the win

Matty best game game for the team this year and won some critical contests whilst showing great commitment

Darren guts, commitment the definition of a team player and off to hospital I hope he is OK & wishing him all the best!

Saf a rock and gives absolutely everything and is Mr. Reliable, a team favorite. I know he enjoyed that win

Big Dan, bloody awesome saves and his marshaling of the troops second to none! Huge assets and best keeper in the league

Johnny clearly his most enjoyable game of the year all you had to do is watch his celebration and 2 goals a top effort from the captain.

Saba at his best! Untouchable on the ball and his second efforts today were special! A game changer!

Bres a happy man who lead from the front with passion and motivation that got the team up for their best win of the season! And that is IT!

Photos the after match victory song.
All played well. Really great team effort!

David Wilson.

Jul 062016

Round 3 Immanuel v Uni Whites away.

It’s a crisp autumn day with what feels like a winter sun providing some much welcome warmth.

After success at Mt Baker last week and Grads red in round one the D grade have had a solid start to the season and will look to build on this platform today.

The whites sit 3rd on the table on goal difference and Immanuel are 6th have won 1 and lost 1.
I am sure it will be a tough game in trying secure the 3 points!

Team news is that there has been a number of changes with Rob2 being picked in the C?

Hamood is still searching for his wife in Bali or lost? Sol is away in Melbourne. So to fill the holes in the mid field we have Mat Bates is back and abz in for his first game with Tomas also in for his 2016 debut. Unfortunately another guys I don’t know has not turned up!!!! Not a good start

Immanuel look to have a sprinkling of youth and experience. One notable point is their keeper is beefy fellow and may not be as agile as some!

The breeze is north west and will be a factor for both sides
We win the toss and kick with the wind in the first half and off we go!

Early on its tight and this no Mt Barker. Immanuel have the best of the first 10 mins with no real chances.
Not much system going forward for the Whites as they haven’t settled yet 18 mins in

A wide ball played in by Immanuel and is in for a goal 1 nil down

Immanuel push again but the defense stands up

30 mins and its a tight game but the Ref seems hell bent on giving soft fouls and most to Immanuel

The Ref is absolutely panicking about any contact and giving soft decisions

40 mins in and the game has evened up and the whites look better

That’s 1/2 time and not our greatest half but I am confident in the second half we will get opportunities!

Bres at half time feels we are not holding the ball and just running and chasing. He moves Saba to up front to hold the ball. Unfortunately Saf pick up a injury ( Hammy ) in the first half and Wes is done as well and they will take no further part! So that’s 3 down plus our others outs

This game is not over and we can come back!

Second half starts
10 mins in and on the break Immanuel open it up and there’s the second and its 2-0

The boys try to string together some passes but no mojo today!

The Ref is pathetic and continues to give unbelievable frees to Immanuel!!!!!

I have not seen 3 passes in a row all day as the boys try hard to pull it back
The whites create a couple of chance but no result.

30 mins gone and long ball clearance seem easy with a 2 nil lead but the whites keep trying to pull one back.
Corner whites and a good ball in from Jahn and it bobbles around in the box but cleared

10 mins left and we need a miracle as the ref continues to be BOG for them
The ball seems to be like a super ball bouncing off our feet, left right and centre

Johnny gets played through and puts it in the back of the net… only to be called back gor offside! We were all standing inline on the bench and that was another horrid call for the day.

Whites press and Matty’s shoots but over the top
And with a wide ball in theres the 3rd and its 3-0

This has not be our day and the midfield outs seem to have unsettled the side however the guys in there have tried hard.
Our endeavor was there but we had a poor day skill wise and they took every opportunity.

And that’s full time and a day to forget!
My best Sam and Jahn

David Wilson.