Sep 092019

Nominations have now closed, and voting can commence for the 2020 Players’ Choice Awards!

Voting will be open for a while, because I have no idea when the awards will be presented!   Maybe we should vote on it?

Mar 232019

Registration and payment are due before the season starts in April.

All players must register online with both the Adelaide Uni Sports Association (AUSA) and the Football Federation of Australia (FFA).  You must pay your fees as part of registering with the AUSA.

For new players, fees will cover club shorts and socks.ddd


  • Adelaide University Students: $292
  • Non-students: $380
  • Non-playing Coaches/Managers: $22 (reimbursed by the Whites)

If you cannot afford to pay the entire fee, speak to your coach or a committee member ASAP.  You must at least purchase the “AU Sport Membership”, which is free for students.

AUSA Registration

Follow these steps to register with the AUSA and pay your fees for the season. The “AU Sport Membership” below provides you with insurance, covering any injury.

  1. Go the AUSA Soccer Page.
  2. Click on [Join or Renew] at the right of the page.
  3. If you do not have an account, click on “Create an Account” and follow the prompts.
  4. Otherwise, sign in.  If you are taken to the “Recover Password” page, you need to create a new password.
  5. Once signed in, select “AUSC Collegiate MEN player membership” (or “AUSC nonplaying membership” for coaches/managers)
  6. Follow the prompts, filling out the Medical Form.
  7. If you are prompted to select an “AU Sport Membership”, select the appropriate option.  If you are a student, it will be free.  Add it to your cart.
  8. If you are NOT prompted to select an “AU Sport Membership”, it means you are currently covered, and will receive a renewal email when it runs out (annually).
  9. Follow the steps through to payment, choosing “Uni Whites” as your team.

FFA Registration

Follow these steps to register with the FFSA as a player.  Note that the site has changed this season

Go to the My Football Club Player Registration page and click Get Started.

If you have previously played for the Whites, or any other FFA club (including juniors), you already have an FFA number.  Click Sign In and follow the prompts.

Otherwise, create an account.

Please ensure your contact details including email and emergency contact are up to date.

IMPORTANT: If you are from overseas, for the section International Transfer Certificate: 

  • DO NOT SELECT No – my last registration was overseas
  • Select I have never registered to play Football before

If you need help, ask Ian, Stuart, Alan, or the Facebook group.

Ignore any invoice you get from the FFSA. We will take care of this.

Sep 192018


John Whitehouse Medal TBA
A’s Best & Fairest Courtney Davis
A’s Team Man Matt Chan
B’s Best & Fairest Abdulmalik Alsawafi
B’s Team Man Aarron Chen
C’s Best & Fairest Al-moatasem Al-omrani
C’s Team Man Campbell Hodgins
D’s Best & Fairest Ben Hanna
D’s Team Man Will Yeomans
E’s Best & Fairest Samuil Belyovski
E’s Team Man Leo Phan
Drinking XI MVP TBA



Goal of the Year Yeni Vasili
Save of the Year Marc English
Ian Begg
Best Comment Max Demianyk
Best Match Report Steve Safralidis
Wez Reid Dummy Spit Award John Whitehouse
Most Obscure Absentee Jules Harris-Jansen
Best Recruiter Homood Alabdali
Moment of the Year E’s winning the league!
Supporter of the Year Bill Hill
Players’ Player of the Year Abdulmalik Alsawafi


Apr 252018

If you are planning to take holidays during the cold weather, please take into account when we are not playing! There are no matches on the June long weekend. Also, the C’s, D’s and E’s all have byes during the year.  If your team is knocked out of the cup, you may also have another couple of weekends off (note that Div 3B has league matches on those weeks):

Date Event Who’s Playing?
Apr 28 Div 5 bye A’s B’s C’s E’s
May 12 Cup Rd 2 A’s B’s C’s E’s
June 2 Div 3B bye A’s B’s C’s D’s
June 9 Long Weekend
June 16 Cup Rd 3 ? ? ? E’s
June 30 Div 4 bye A’s B’s D’s E’s
July 21 Split round E’s
July 28 Div 5 bye A’s B’s C’s E’s
Aug 18 Div 3B bye A’s B’s C’s D’s
Sep 8 Div 4 bye A’s B’s D’s E’s


The last 3 rounds of the cup are played midweek:

  • Quarter Finals: Wed July 4
  • Semi Finals: Wed Aug 15
  • Grand Final: Fri Sep 14
Sep 032017

The B’s had a stellar season.  The following shows how they’ve stacked up against Uni Whites’ season stats since 2003:

  • The highest points per game (2.2), equal to the infamous C’s of 2015.
  • The only team to score more points was the A’s in 2003 (48), when they played 22 games.
  • Most goals scored (86).  Next was the A’s in 2003 with 71.
  • Least goals conceded (19).  Next was the A’s in 2016 with 20.
  • 2nd least losses (2), bettered only by the D’s in 2015, and equal to the A’s in 2003.
  • Ellery Shopen scored the 2nd most goals in a season (31). Only Richie Coburn has scored more (34 in the A’s in 2003).

One player who scored some big goals for the B’s this year was Patty Jenko.  He notched up his 50th appearance for the Whites last week in the A’s against Sacred Heart.

Congrats also to Amir Khasanov who racked up his 100th match for the Whites in the final round.  Amir once again showed his versatility by completing his century at left back, after Eddie succumbed to an ankle injury.

Aug 212017

Another White has joined the prestigious Century Club.  Congratulations to Simon “Michael” Clarke who capped off his century with a goal against the hapless Blues.

Plaudits also go to Ellery “Richie Jnr” Shopen who has become the Whites leading goal scorer (since 2003).  On his way to knocking Richie “The Don” Coburn from top spot, he hit 9 past Grads Blue.  This beats the previous record of 6 also held by the esteemed Richie, and the dead-to-us Nick “Mercedes” Ward.

Our five wins also produced a goal tally record for the club: 32 goals in a league round smashes our previous best of 22 from May last year.

Our commiserations go to the struggling Blues who helped make all of this possible.  Hopefully they have better luck in div 2 next year.

Jul 302017

Close on the heels of Max Demianyk, four more Adelaide Uni students initiated at the Whites in 2015 have notched up their 50th game.   Congrats to B’s stalwart and potty-mouth James Reilly, 2015 JWM winner Damo Holoubek, C’s lovechild Christian Roschi and Bres Academy graduate Dan Antony.

The growing list of recent half-centurions bodes well for the Whites. It’s great to have players sticking with the club and playing with each other season after season.

Jul 062017

George Tan‘s mantle as the player to reach 50 matches over the longest period has only lasted a few weeks.  He passes it to inaugural E’s player-manager Ryan Harrowfield, who first played for the Whites in 2007.

Ryan last played for the Whites back in 2012, taking a sabbatical to raise four boys.  He’s over that now though, and is back in White!

Congrats Ryan!