David Wilson

Jun 292016

Today is a a big test for the Whites as they travel to Blackwood and take in the top team!

It’s a clear day and no rain in sight, the wind is blowing across the ground so no end is an advantage. It is quite cool up here on top of the hill but I am sure could be a lot worse!

Changes to the team this week see Big Dan out! Rumors are he has been called up to the Euro’s or the South Pacific league for a few weeks?
Rob2 out for a week after that rubbish red card last week, in are
Ellery and Graeme (good luck lads) I also think Matty Chan is an addition as he didn’t player last week?

Looking at the warm ups Blackwood are a big team with a number of talls and look to be very well drilled in their warm up! It is not a huge pitch but has had a lot of traffic on it as its patchy and uneven.

The Whites go through their normal routine and look good.

Today for us it will be about taking our opportunities as we have some real scoring power and we know Blackwood are the highest scoring side scoring multiple goals in most games! We need a big game from our defense to apply pressure to theirs!

Ok we are ready to go with the whites kicking to the western end

Whites go forward and win the corner! Jan takes it, it bounces short and pops up to Hamood and his header is over the bar
Blackwood go forward with some skill but the whites clear!

Whites forward and Sol is hunting the ball hard but cleared
The ball is up and down the ground you can see their quality but whites up to them at the moment!

Whites control the ball and put pressure on and start to ask questions.
Saba nice ball to Jonny he lays it off and Jan and just wide with the shot.

20 mins gone nil all
Blackwood build the wall and keep pumping it in but the whites hold strong and get a goal kick.

Blackwood go forward and a spare man wide gets the ball and it’s in for the first goal! 1-0 down

Blackwood again but Sammy cuts it off
Whites just losing the tight one on ones at the moment and it’s giving them all the momentum.
Blackwood work the ball forward with one touch passing and they are in for their second, 2-0 down.

We are getting cut up in the middle, Bobby inside the box and could have gone down but it goes over the line for a goal kick.
Whites have not settled into their passing game and haven’t put 3 together so far…

Blackwood go forward and it’s in for number 3. Things not going well

Whites send it forward and the ball is in the box and Saba with the header drives it in for the the first goal! 3-1

Corner whites and Jan takes it and but cleared
N10 for them dives and whinges like a stuck pig! Should have been a yellow for simulation.
Nearly half time and the whites are playing better and there’s the whistle for half time!
Bres makes some tactical changes and tells the lads the mid field is their strength and we need to even it up!

Play to feet and control the ball is the message and get the corners up in the air!

Bres final statement is ‘I want everyone to come off stuffed and bleeding’ he said ‘not from the knees but from the mouth!’ ‘Internal breeding from the heart! You know what I mean!’
Pure Bres gold.

Second half starts

Up and down the ground it goes!
Blackwood getting a great run from the ref as they suck him in every time.
The ball stuck in their forward line as the pressure builds! Need to clear it and release the pressure.

They take their 4th corner in 3 mins but Saba clears and Abdul gets it half way and he is off and gone!!!! He get hacked down and it’s a penalty! Abdul lines it up and smashes it in but the ref has called it back! What the F$&@ is going on! Abdul lines up again and it’s wide.

Still 3-1 down that was rubbish and the quality of ref is crap! Simple
Whites are pressing and starting to get some control.

Blackwoods little flick game is starting to turn it over as they get tired!!!
Corner Blackwood and it fall to a spare man but over the top!

Whites need to keep possession
We go forward as Bres rings the changes looking for the key to a goal.

I shouldn’t be surprised but their linesman is a cheat calling offsides and balls their way every time! We are extremely fair in our side which is in the spirit of the game

Another opportunity and the ref defends for them with a ridiculous free kick.
There is no way the whites will get out if this one with 12 v 11

Theres another free kick and I have keep count in the second half 8-1 to them.
Whites forward but cleared.

Sol passes wide to Abdul and it’s pushed out but we looked dangerous
Hold the phone we just got a free kick!
Sol crosses in and Abdul touches it to Sam charging in and it’s in for our 2nd!!!!! 3-2

Blackwood forward and Matty punches it out! In they go but offside!
Free kick again to Blackwood conveniently on the edge of the box and it’s in off a header for number 4! Poor defending at the back post. Ref stamps his authority again with another free kick to them!

Turnovers have killed us today!
Blackwood pass the ball outside the box and one guys cracks it and an unbelievable goal for 5-2

They are in again and after another run through the middle it’s another one 6-2!!!

This ones gone but the boys continue to work hard

That’s the end of the game and whether it was the opposition or an off day our possession football was not here today! I will look forward to the return match as it will not be the same!!!!!!!!!! However beaten by the better side today.

Final score 6-2 loss but it’s a long season!

David Wilson

Sep 212015

September 19 final round of the season and the last match report.

Well the Div 4 Uni White remain the only team in the Uni Whites club able to finish top!

Bloody great effort so far but there’s still a huge hurdle in Uni SA today. A win would see the whites keep their unbeaten status for the year and maybe, just maybe grab top spot!

This is the situation; Uni White must win! It doesn’t matter by how much or how. Sacred Heart must lose! They play Mt Barker away which is not an easy game as the mountain men are good at home. If these results go the Whites way the title is theirs!

Team news Jan (correct spelling) is out with a pretty weak excuse appendicitis and had it removed last night at 11pm! Seriously can you believe his luck and what’s more he has made it to the game 12 hours after the operation. One thing for sure the boys will miss their cultural leader!

The rumor is Eddie will step into the midfield and fill the spot but that then breaks up what has been the best defense in the competition. We will see what happens. The key is to focus on our game as we have no control over the other one.

This is a very interesting game as SA Uni have had a checkered season being stripped of all points due to playing unregistered players along with a heated clash last time they played the Whites which nearly came to blows!!!!

The story is that they are back to full strength having fixed their registration issues???? Not sure why or how that could be done?
But anyway it will be game on, big time! Uni SA were 2nd before the points were stripped!
The pre game view is:

At 12.30 everyone is here for the whites and doing some warm ups. Maybe a good sign SA only have 7 players here and seem pretty disinterested! Let’s hope they had a few Crows supporters who went to Melbourne for last nights match however I doubt it.
The pitch is in pretty good nick, there’s no breeze of note and 21 degrees. A perfect day for football.

The way of the game is uni SA love having the ball and taking the game on, they are a skillful team but can be sloppy defending and give away a heaps of free kicks. The whites need to control their aggressive reply and beat them with strong quick attacks and a tight defense.

Bres addresses the boys and is clear we can not concede early. He asks for control and time! Bobby cops a serve for wearing a thermal top under his jumper, stupid award of the year apparently?

Jan has his say and warns the guys they like the middle so be aware, put pressure on them once they get to half way. Don’t get sucked in to dumb tackles and take your chances.

8 mins from the start and I don’t see a ref?
Yes we have a ref issue, there isn’t one?????? Not ideal given its an important game.
Bres goes over to the opposition and discusses the problem I can see him on his phone as it’s 1pm and we should be playing?
1.05 and we have Dan’s dad who has stepped in to referee.

1.10 and we are under way
A lightning start as SA charge at goal and it’s smashed over the bar,
The whites break and nice move into the box but saved.
Great run Eddie and he cut back but Wes hits it over the bar, great play

Whites break again and good ball from Bobby, bez in and pushes over the top.
Again whites in but saved, it’s a fast pace, no room and intense.
Free kick to SA 39 Mtrs out and it’s way over the bar.

10 mins gone and this is a cracker!
Rob cuts off a good ball in and then Saba the same, then Bobby the same.
Long ball Johnny header, Bez header and Eddie runs on to it and he is one on one and it’s just wide. It wasn’t easy.

A bad tackle and it’s on number 19 goes on with it and now n11 wants to smack Johnny! The ref calls 30 second stop to the game for everyone to calm down.

Game starts again and it’s still heated n11 will try to hurt someone.
The game has settled after 30 mins
Corner SA and Rob heads in away
Whites corner and great ball and Saba over top

And there’s the first card Yellow as a tackle takes Darren down free kick no good
And the ball is played in from the left and a header scores the first for SA and the Whites are 1 nil down!

SA get a turnover from middle field and it’s a lob over Glynn and it bounces in for 2 nil
Whites must find something big from here! They try to push and no doubt SA defense is sus

That’s half time and we have a long road ahead of us but I will make a call they are weak at the back and will run out of steam so we are a chance!

Second half under way

It’s a positive start and then Saf a touch late and n11 goes down in a heap! Oh look he’s ok… wanker!

Glynn saves a soft shot and the whites push forward and are playing a lot better!
Corner whites and Saf stabs it over the bar
Corner whites from Bobby great ball and rob rises but doesn’t get enough on it and out for a goal kick

As they slow down they hack away again and a clear card probably red and they are a dirty team who take cheap shots! Really pathetic play and disappointing for the competition enough of my rant!

23 mins in and the whites need one badly

Corner whites and it’s SAF but wide
Fast break by SA and they are in n10 chips their 3rd
Another throw in and it’s their 4th.

Can I say there is no Football God as this is rubbish, I acknowledge they are a good team but as sportsman and playing for the game they are a disgrace to football and I am please they have been caught cheating and finish bottom!!!

The game here is over but I need to say the boys have had a fantastic year and deserve to be acknowledged as such. The defense has been brilliant all year, midfield bloody awesome and up front some great goals! The boys should be proud of their year and well done Bres as the most successful coach!
It’s now 5 nil

The game ends

Bres addresses the boys – some times things don’t go your way and we had to have a go at winning and he was proud for the group! Great season whites! Sacred heart won 4-2.

David Wilson, over and out.

Sep 122015

12th of September the second last game of the year! It’s Uni Whites v Mercedes

We still have a heart beat with a chance of top being 4 points behind Sacred Heart but things are out of our control as they have to lose one draw one minimum.

It’s a great day and is 25 degrees, there a breeze favoring the city end, quite strong and the pitch is in good nick!

Mercedes have nothing to play for but the Whites need to be on their game to remain unbeaten!

at 12.40 the whites start they warm up and Mercedes stand around talking? I highlight n15 as he is clearly a serious PIE eater. They have 3 guys who look like school boys and seem to have different players versus the last game but who knows they may all be Naymer’s!

Whites unchanged and look to be serious about this one! I am going 3-1 whites!!!!!!

Bres revs the boys up as he wants them on their game from the start as they kick into the wind. Jahn talks to the lads and warns them the start is critical and Mercedes will start fast and hard.

Whistle blows and we are away!

Whites control the ball from the start and some good passing see Bez snap a shot and it touched over the bar! Nice start

Mercedes intercept and Glynn make the save and it’s out for a corner. The corner is in the box and is just cleared! They are dangerous up front early

Another corner for Mercedes and the header is wide and the whites breath again

Whites are in and Johnny is there its a certain goal but he is just cut off as he is tackled late (he didn’t see that one coming and the crowd groan) that could have been the first!

20 mins gone nil all

Free kick to Bobby and he curls it in and Saba appears from no where and flicks a great header and it’s in, 1 nil Whites against the wind!

Corner whites and Bez shot is wide

White now dominating as the hit start has gone cold from Mercedes!

They get a shot of and its just wide.

Saba controlling the mid field. Jahn and Bobby tireless running and exposing their opposite numbers, Ollie, Saf, Eddie and Rob are all over the forwards Glynn maintains a clean sheet and everyone look dangerous going forward.

30 mins gone

Ball played in and Johnny traps it has a think, looks around and decides to bang it in! That’s 2 nil whites!

Whites defend as Mercedes continue with the long ball and get a free kick 30 Mtrs out Rob heads it away.

And that’s half time with the whites 2-0

Bres asks for the guys to show composure and attack the defense. We have the wind so is goal time!!!!!!

The Whites start strong and Mercedes look to be wilting to.

Whites push forward and it’s coming!

The whites corner and is cleared

The ball is permanently in the white forward line as Bez take a run and carves the defense to pieces, he hears the call ‘back post’ and a brilliant ball and Johnny (Lotus) bang a DIVING header in for number 3. That was quality! And the crowd erupts in joy and laughter!!

The heat has taken its effect as the game slows to a crawl. Jahn’s face looks as red as the football on the oval next to us but he is loving this victory.

The whites have total control but the game has lost its spark! There’s a bit of heat still in it as a couple of tackles attract free kicks.

The whites have owned the game from around the 20 Minutes Mark.

Bres make his last sub and it him coming on for a cameo. Mercedes are done and dusted as they look for the full time whistle and that full time. A very comprehensive win. All played well

Late news SACRED HEART DREW!!!!!!

That leave the White 2 points off top and if Sacred heart loss to Mt Barker away and the Whites beat SA Uni they go top and Premiers,

Big week coming up, can the whites go unbeaten! And win the title?!? Cannot wait for next week! Rest up lads.

David Wilson.


Sep 052015

5th of September and it’s Uni Whites v Rostrevor 2nd v 4th

I got to the game later and Rostrevor were 2-0 up
But Bez was brought down in the box and a penalty to the whites saw Johnny put it away to make it 2-1
From then on the whites have dominated and with some nice play, held up by johnny and Jahn ended up in the box and placing it away for a great goal. 2-2
Up until half time it was all whites!
After half time the whites controlled play should have had a 3rd from a free kick and God knows how we didn’t score it was in the goal line for 30 seconds!
A throw from Eddie a touch from Johnny to Wez and bang it’s in for 3-2! White come from 2 down to hit the front!!!!!

Whites continue to press forward and have shots coming regularly!
Their mid field looks to be running out of gas as the white are inside again but just saved.

Bobby takes a corner and what do you know? 3 corner goals in 3 weeks!! And on goes the mask!!!!!

That’s it from me off to the Footy with 20 mins left to go I have heard 4-2 was the final result! Undefeated

David Wilson.

Aug 202015

Well the day has arrived for what is the top of the table clash in Div 4.
Without being dramatic the Whites have to win to keep their chances alive of winning the title!

It’s another overcast day but I think the rain will stay away.
We are at the pitch on Brighton rd and it looks in reasonable condition with no wind today so there will be no scoring end due to conditions. This is going to be the best team wins type of game.

Our defense has a huge job as their stats indicate they are a high scoring side but our defense has stood tall all year. If we can hold them early pressure does some funny things to people’s heads.
Scared Heart as we know have a couple of giants but hopefully that may effect their mobility. They look a good unit and at home will be hard to beat.

For the first time this year we had the Ref address the squad and explain his view on how he will manage the game and his expectations of all players! Very interesting and I feel was of good value.

Starting team: Bobby, Rob,Saba, Bez, Wes, Ollie, Saf, Eddie, Eugene, Jahn, Hamood

And we are away!
The early play see some nice passing from both side with an early call for handball from the whites but no whistle. A long range hit from Bez and it’s saved heading for the top corner.
Nice play through the middle and Bez again is on target but saved again.
Corner to Sacred heart and Jahn cool as a cucumber clears the attack.

10 mins gone nil all
Corner to the whites and Wes drops a deep ball in and Rob’s header is just wide.
Bez a brilliant runs as he cuts them apart at the back and his shot is touched over the bar!
Another attack from the whites and Saba’s shit is wide! Good period for the whites

15 mins and there’s a yellow to number 16 clearly a foul
It starts to get willing as Sacred heart feel the pressure!
Whites in again and Bez header is saved again.

20 mins gone nil all
Hamood is down as he is hit in his privates and he looks a little sore. He’s up and commits to a tackle and unfortunately it’s a yellow card.

30 mins gone and whites have clearly been the better side
Saf doing a great job on the giant as he is getting very frustrated!
Corner sacred heart and a great save from Eugene as he tips it over the bar.

40 mins gone nil all
Nice ball in and Wes meets the keeper and we look for a ‘hand of Wes’ but just short.

And that’s half time.
The whites have dominated the first half and have been unlucky not to be in front.
The boys are up and about at half time. Bres praises the team for what has been a game of real quality from his charges.

Second half underway and we lose the ball in the middle and they are in and have scored! 1 nil down.

5 mins gone and they are in again for number 2. Very disappointing

Whites still fighting hard and need one back
Eddie great run and down he goes in the box and it’s a penalty. Johnny steps up and smashed it in the back of the net 2-1.

Here we come!!!!

20 mins gone
Whites continue to apply the pressure they have nothing to lose.
Some nice work as the whites go forward but we can’t get a clean shot away. The pressure is building.

35 gone and we really need one now as time is slipping away!
Sacred heart free and it’s over the line for a goal kick
Whites go short at the back and work it to the midfield. Throw in whites and they push again.
Corner whites taken short to Eddie back to Johnny and it’s on target but pushed away.

The throw in and Bres rises like an eagle and his header is in!!!!!!!!

2-2 with 3 mins left
Bez is in and saved by their keeper
Last play and it’s a free kick but it’s over the top and that will be full time and it ends 2 all

A effort everyone can be proud of But not enough to get the points! Sacred Heart had a 10 min purple patch which got them their goals however the whites were clearly the best team. The Whites remain undefeated for the year.

Aug 092015

Saturday the 8th of August and its Prembroke v Uni whites at Barrett reserve.

Pre game – Well this is a massive one! 2nd v 4th.

Uni white now sit second on the ladder with a game in hand against the bottom side Mt Barker so 9 points off Top stop.
They should beat Mt barker so the margin if we bank that game is 6 points. Prembroke are 4 points behind the Whites on 19
The interesting stat is Uni whites 23 goals for and 15 against and Pembroke 21 for and 15 against.
Looking at that stat I will think whoever can get 2 in the back of the net WINS! Time will tell.

The day is overcast but no rain and the pitch is in crap condition and control of the ball will be difficult. The wind is coming from the north straight down the pitch and again I feel the southern end will be the scoring end. After Thursday night it has become clear Bres has missed his calling as his performance as Ref was outstanding!

Back to today
Prembroke look solid in the warm up and my guess is they will have pace. They are quite enthusiastic but have spent 15 mins on every player taking shots at goal? It’s clear both defenses are strong only conceding 15 goals each for the year, this maybe the key to victory. Their keeper look good and strong but doesn’t move sideways to well.

ELP starts tonight which is very exciting and was a topic of discussion before the game.
Today’s squad Saba, Bres, Bez, Wes, Rob, Nick, Dan, Matt, Bobby, Jahn, Johnny, Eddie, Darren, hamood.
The toss is done and the whites kick into the wind. So defense the key early!

Underway in our biggest match for the year.
Early free kick to Pembroke and its Rob’s head that puts it out!
Another free kick and again cleared at the back for the whites!
The wind is a factor!
Whites push forward and the shots wide! It’s game on as the pace is a cracker
The whites defend high which is working ok
Another free kick and Rob again the heads away and he does it again from the corner fantastic defense. As I thought with the wind it is all Pembroke in the first half.
Pembroke in and it hits the bar and over the top!

25 mins gone
Corner Pembroke and Glynn makes the save!
31 in and Nick off with injury Bez on
Whites using the short ball from Glynn really well but our second pass is being cut of regularly
However at 35 mins the defense has been strong!
Corner Whites! And it’s a good ball in and saved on line by the keeper
Bad tackle and whites free kick, in it goes and nearly a goal. Great pressure from the whites.
A wild shot from Bobby is wide but why not?

40 mins gone
A long free kick and it’s up in the air and rolls in! 1 nil to Prembroke

And that’s half time. In review a great half by Uni whites and we are very unlucky to be down. The good thing is it’s our time with a strong breeze and the chances will come!
Bres wants a most Physical contest And also want us to squeeze them and force the errors, then turn them into chances.

Second half starts
Pembroke have a good start and control the ball well in the first 5 mins
Free kick whites just outside the box!
Brilliant set play Johnny with the touch to set up Bez and bang! A rocket and it’s in!!!!!

1 all
15 mins in and whites look dangerous but have had 2 poor calls on offside. A good run from Bobby and we get in the box but it’s push away
Rob has taken control at the back and it’s now about our 2nd goal
A free kick to the whites and it’s just saved.

Sub Wes off Bres on
23 mins gone
Whites not finding their passes at the moment with 30 mins gone.
Both team keep up a good pace and it’s a free kick a long way out to the whites. A cracker hit from Bobby and it’s off the bar! Very close
35 mins and it’s now or never for the whites!
Sub hamood on and Bobby off

Bez get a shot off but no power and it’s saved!
5 mins left and everyone is stuffed !!!

Hamood to Johnny, through ball and it’s one on one for Bez and he slots it and scores!!!!!! 2-1 whites

2 mins left
Last play of the day is a free kick on the edge of the box for Pembroke! Nervous times, in it goes and there is Glynn who make saves it and that full time!!

A fantastic win! Well the whites remain unbeaten and have got the 3 points needed against the 4th side. A finals like game and today their stood up as a team! The season is well the truly alive!!!

Rob, Eddie, Dan, Glynn great in defense. Jahn, Saba, Bobby, Darren. Controlled the mid field. Bres came on and lead from the field. A nice cameo from Hamood and Wes & Johnny held and feed the ball well but Bez was the weapon up front will 2 excellent goals! All tried hard and even with early subs who all have their best the Whites have a great day!!!!!

Aug 062015

Well it’s Thursday night and the vital 4th test starts at Trent Bridge tonight at about 7.30 which has me wonder why the hell am I standing in the South Parklands waiting to watch the scratch match between Uni white 3s and 4s versus St. Paul’s div 5 team.

Maybe it’s I haven’t seen a win for awhile? Or could it be the amazing talent on display as I am the only spectator???

Anyway it’s actually not to bad as the cold has not set in whilst the ground is quite damp from either rain or dew but who really cares? Again logistics were in disarray as the div 4 boys all arrive at 6.30 but we will not be taking the field till about 8pm????

Communication is a significant area for focus!

The ground is very long and it would hurt if the council invested some of their 100 million planned for Victoria square of a lawn mower as the ground look more like a sheep paddock.
St Paul’s have a stylish yellow strip with blue sleeves and it’s clear a number of there players have had dinner before the game as they look quite well conditioned. The lighting looks like it was left over from the fringe.

The game is underway and the whites look sharp early! after 10 mins whites have looked the likely team to score as St. Paul’s are slow at the back and I fell they will be exposed.
There’s the first for the whites as a shot from the corner of the box and solid hit and curls in for 1 nil on the near post.

St. Paul’s have had a couple of chance but more due to some sloppy work at the back.
The second goal comes at 22 mins and the whites have now got total control as the chasing and run of St Paul’s is starting to show signs of stopping.
The only play they have is the long ball and it nearly works as a shot hits the bar.
From the clearance end to end goal for the whites as they score their 3rd with a clinical finish.

That’s 30 mins.
Number 4 is home as St. Paul’s fall apart quickly followed by number 5 as its a clinic now and total domination.
It has turned into a bit of a joke but it’s a confidence builder for the Pembroke game on Sat.
Number 6 as the whites continue to show their class down the right!
And that’s half time 6-0 lead.

Now for the unbeaten Uni White 4s

It’s underway and the whites push forward Johnny is through and his shot is saved in the path of Darren who pops it in for number 1 7-0

Whites look good as they keep the ball at their feet and create some nice runs.
Great run Darren and Saba and Johnny scores number 2 for an 8-0.

The 4s are looking good after 12 mins gone
Whites are really trying some attacking plays in this relaxed game which goes well for their confidence
It’s getting cold!
Australia are 5/21 which is crap!

Another power runs from the whites but it’s cleared for a corner and great ball in but over the top!
And St. Paul’s score with some nice foot work and it’s 8-1

It’s turn into a real scratch match as everyone starts to look after themselves.
Up and down the pitch and no doubt the white defense is under pressure but still holding them out.

Full time and it ends 8-1 and far better than standard training and no injuries so we look forward to Saturday! 8.27pm finish and my toes are cold! Bloody Aussie 7/35 I am going home to watch us bowl!

David Wilson

Aug 012015

1st Augusta 2015 Uni. White v Mt. barker. GAME POSTPONED!
This game is now looking as if it will be played during the upcoming cup round? There are no Div 4 side left in the cup rounds coming up. Stay tuned
The match schedule for today was 3rd versus bottom and will be a must win for the whites.
The whites sit 6 points off top and with sacred heart leading the way and they due to play grads reds (a danger game as last time they met it was only 2-0) this round.
What is going on in division 4 as it’s been reported there’s has been a disgraceful incident during the Uni SA and Rostrevor match recently. It is alleged a SA Uni spectator has invaded the pitch and ‘Fly kicked’ a Rostrevor player!!! Whilst when we played Rostrevor they had many sooks and whingers it is absolutely unacceptable for this to happen in what is a competition for those who love their football, respect the game and the opposition.
The game was abandoned and did not finish with a result.
My understanding is there has been a tribunal hearing but no decision has been reached?
Currently looking at the ladder it indicates both sides have only played 10 games 1 less than all other Div 4 teams? Who knows what will be the decision and if points will be effected or what the penalty will be?????
This type of behavior needs a very strong response and heavy penalty in my opinion. An example needs to be made of the behavior in this situation as assaulting an innocent person trying to enjoy his sport is ridiculous! Further action through the correct authority (police) would not be unreasonable or unexpected.
Whilst every story has 2 sides I cannot imagine any reason for someone to run on to a ground physically attack ( a Fly kick you coward) a player particularly from a spectator!!!
We will keep everyone up to date with the outcome!

Uni whites run home is as follows
Rd 12 MT Barker – bottom
Rd 13 Pembroke – 5th
Rd 14 sacred heart – top
Rd 15 Immanuel – 4th
Rd 16 Rostrevor – 6th
Rd 17 Mercedes – 7th
Rd 18 Uni SA – 2nd

So it is all there to be done!
Sacred heart have the same draw with one difference they have Unley and do not play Immanuel. There is no doubt they will drop points!

Just a heads up the EPL starts next weekend so get your fantasy teams in if your a player! Big year for LFC ?

Comment on the Adam Goodes saga – no comment as what ever you say someone will be offended and I like everyone too much! All I know treating people without confrontation and aggression and with some respect normally work for me. That’s on whatever side of the fence you sit on?

Having 3 week off and limited training recently it will be important the team does as much work as possible this week.
Not much else to report so I will pop on Sky racing and flip between the races and the footy in front of the fire! ( maybe a nice red or two later this afternoon) See you all next week which is Pembroke away.

David ‘wordsmith’ Wilson.

Jul 112015

Well as per usual we are not sure where we are playing as we drive up and down Greenhill rd. Without doubt we would be the worst traveling teams in Australia in any competition or any code as we never really know where the hell we are playing!!! Consensus says we are in the parklands on the corner of Pultney and Greenhill so that’s where we stop!!!!

Anyway we are here and it’s a cold day but the sun has made an appearance which is welcome. Interesting there’s a small creek that has formed on the side of the pitch due to overnight rain!
Today is a must win as Unley are down the bottom and after some average performance the white need the win to stay in contention for the title
Warm up seems very low key at 12.35pm nothing from either team? It seems if everyone is waiting for the Coffee cart? (Thanks Jahn)

Outs Ollie, Eddie, Matt, Phil
In Jahn, Darren, Jason, Wes

Whilst Unley had a 10 nil defeat last week many changes to the whites will be a challenge for them to Gel?
The pitch is wet, cut up in patches and will need the winning team to be direct will no fancy stuff as the ball will skid.
It is bloody cold
Looking at Unley as they do a few run throughs I don’t think pace is an asset! They currently have 10 players sort of warming up! We have another demos Rossos on the opposition who seems to be a little weight challenged! Whites go through their match simulation drill as Unley stand around doing nothing?
prediction 4-1but who knows!!!!

First half under way on what is a smallish pitch at 1.02pm and we have chosen to kick into the wind in the first half, why?!?

Whites apply some pressure early and the turnover to Jahn who push one a bit to long
A free kick 30 Mtrs out as Saba goes down.
Johnny take it and it’s push over the bar for a corner. Good effort.

It’s blocked and cleared
7 mins in and Unley go forward and Bobby takes it out for a throw.
10 mins whites push forward through Saba but cut off when looking dangerous
20 mins
Unley forward and a shot away but good save from Glynn
White in attack and Nick on the right pumps one over the top! Good play from the whites
The whites fly forward after a great ball from Jahn and Nick hits it and its a hand ball! Penalty!!!!

Bobby steps up to take it and hit it hard but the keeper gets a foot in the way and it’s saved!

25 mins and the Whites push again Jahn through and the shot wide. looking better.
Jahn with some of the best yelling all year Marshall’s the troops with a magnificent spray.
I just hope he hasn’t wasted to much energy!!!
Wes with a great ball through but Johnny, can’t get enough on it and it’s saved,
30mins gone and a cross in from Unley and it drift over everyone and is stabbed in!!!! 1 nil down shit!

The ball is up and down the ground with some poor turnovers and passing from both sides
Unley forward and a flick off a head and it’s in for 2 nil! Bloody hell what’s happening?!?!

The whites try again and a corner delivered to Rob and a solid header is saved by the keeper.
43 mins gone and Unley get a sus hand ball but Good save from Glynn as the free kick was on target
A great ball from Jahn and it’s going to be a clash as the keeper coming out and the rebound off Johnny and its in that’s 2-1!

45 mins and Unley go forward shot on goal is in, what the hell is going on 3-1. There looked to be a hand ball against Unley but the Ref left it go???

Half time and this will be the biggest half of the year!
Bres is calm at half time and ask the guys to control the ball as the opportunities will come. I still feel the whites can win!

Second half underway
The whites have the wind and start with the ball in their front half as they look for an early goal.
Unley defend well but the pressure builds. Saba a shot on goal but straight at the keeper.
How about this, Started with Dan at the back winning the ball to Rob, his crucial touch and Saba takes over and weaves a magic run & passes to Jahn and its in with a quality finish. 3-2 down and they are coming!!!!!!!

Nick gets the ball wide and the cross finds Johnny and he slips it pass the keeper and it’s in 3-3 game on!

20!mins gone second half plenty of time left
It’s become a stalemate but the whites still trying for the winner
Corner Unley but cleared by Jahn
Whites with a corner but cleared I think the goal can come from the passing game as the whites look better!
18 mins left by my calculations.
Saba on goal and just wide! Rob killing them at the back as he has cleared nearly every ball and created great plays from the back!
Jahn lets fly from from 25 out and it’s pushed wide!
Bobby great run and cross but Bres only get a bit of it and his header is saved.

5 mins left!!!

Now or never !
Saf in and runs through the middle a great pass and the shot is just wide! Again down the wing and the ball floats across the goal but no ones there!
It’s time up and another Draw 3-3 and of all the games this year that’s one we should have won!

Bres happy with the come back and spirit but only the 1 point, now to the break on 5 wins 5 draws and only 1 loss.

Jul 072015

4th of July 2015 Uni White v Grads Reds White record 5w 3d 1L and grads Red 2w 2d 5L.

The whites are 3rd on the ladder and Reds 8th, this is a must win! The whites are 4 points off the top 2 teams and can still challenge with a string of wins to come. It’s a warm day and no rain expected, very still so scoring at both ends is on the cards. I take a brief moment to touch on the terrible news yesterday as we all know as sports people the loss of Phil Walsh is something that resonates with us all. As I type this I would like to recognize that this tragedy has impacted everyone and we offer our condolences.

The pre game preview:
12.34 grads Red sit in a circle as they have 9 players here!
Uni whites do some stretching with 12 player here.
Grads reds tops looks like they are wearing camouflage gear (what a shocker) I can only guess there was a massive discount when purchasing their guernseys!!!
From first impressions of Grads Reds is it looks like I am watching a Hobbit movie with a heap of dwarfs or the under 15s as they have a number of very small players. This may mean speed?


6 of their player jogged 60 meters and that’s it so far! 9 players here.
I have seen enough 3-1 my prediction!
Whites welcome Matty Bates and Nick Kalfas into the squad for this crucial clash.
There has been a shaky start as the Whites are not sure what colors they are wearing??? Bres looked confused!


Reds now have a team just!
A first for the year Bres participate in the warms up!!!!
This may be a big day!
First half starts and whites to the Melbourne at. End

1.04pm start
1.07 and the early play goes with the Reds but no real chance
1.11 whites go forward but things are tight. A switch and reds go forward with good chance but can’t score
1.14 first free kick and its to the reds….blocked by the ball
The whites have not found their Mojo yet!
1.23 ball in by Phil and just wide by Johnny best play today
1.25 and the the ball is somehow worked into the box and Reds score. 1 nil down
1.27 reds forward again but great save Glynn!
1.34 whites start to settle and some encouraging moves forward with the best being a bear miss as Phil popped it over the top.
1.44 free kick to the Whites and it ends up with Eddie and his shot is just wide. 40 mins gone still down. First sub Fraruz off and Bres on!
1.49 and that’s half time

The Whites started to look ok but are well below their best at the moment this is their biggest half of the year coming!!!!

Second half starts at 1.57
1.58 Whites corner and Matty puts a perfect ball in and Bres rises like a Phoenix and what a header! Straight in the back of the net!!! 1 all (we may never get him off)

2.04 and whites now on top and another corner….. Over the pack and out for a throw to us. No luck with the throw but we are all over them.
2.07 Ball to the corner flag and Ollie wins it in and Phil’s volley is just over the top
2.11 Saba through the middle and guess who? Johnny is on and places it perfectly and that 2-1 whites lead! What a come back still a long way to go!

2.14 and a corner to whites and cry is for handball but the ref gives nothing.
2.19 reds forward and Glynn try’s to get there and spills the catch and they are in for the equalizer!

Game on!
2.23 Saba a Bomb in and Johnny hits it and off the keeper and a defender and just over the top! Should have been 3
2.26 and a great in but ref calls off side no way!!!!!!!!!
2.27 – 30 mins gone
2.31 and Saba is on after a long run as everyone stops for an off side and it goes wide!
2.33 and a corner to whites but it’s cleared
2.35 and Nick wins a great tackle at the back
40 mins gone
Now or never
Ball in from Phil and Bres and Johnny both have cracks at it but no Goal!!!!!

3 mins left
Whites go again and great ball in from Nick and Phil’s shot is saved
Last play and it’s a corner Bobby step up but cleared and that’s full time!

A 2 all draw, the crap performance from the Ref this week and a clear game that got away both many opportunities and too many mistakes.
Bres addresses the boys and make it crystal clear it was a poor performance and we let it go! Happy with the endeavor but too many dumb mistakes! To me unlucky as the scoring shots on goal whites 15 reds 3. Best Phil, Saba, Eddie, Matt. We now go to the break.

David Wilson.