David Wilson

Jun 062017

Today the D’s have the short trip to Adelaide high to take on Uni SA.

It’s a fantastic day not a cloud in the sky and we can expect all the skills to be on display!

With the champions league final on tonight there may be some inspiration for some cracking goals and play. Pitch is dry and huge! Extremely wide so there will be some tried boys at the end of this one. The tale of the tape is the Whites coming off a impressive 5-0 victory and Uni SA struggling so far this season.

The lads in good spirits as they look to jump up the table with a solid win today!

And we’re off!

Whites look good early and just finding their passing game but well on top! George finds Arron he cuts down the right and a beautiful through ball and Johnny with a clinical finish. 1 nil whites!!!

Defense of the whites owning the ball and starting to open them up with some great passing!

Uni SA under pressure and as they pass the ball back it’s a bit short and Johnny slips in and gets his foot to it, chips the keeper for number 2!!!!

Whites continue to dominate and make a couple of subs to give the other guys a go! Sammy impassable in fact the whole defense has been rock solid.

Whites keep the pressure up and a couple of havoc balls have to keeper out of position but the shots are blocked.

Close to half time and it’s a matter of when’s the next goal is coming!!!

In the middle and Matty out battles their captain and Abdul places a perfect ball and Hamood (without his glasses he just broke) slots it in with a quality finish!

The pressure has been the key as Uni SA cannot cope plus their skills are below par!

3 nil whites

Half time and it’s a dominating performance so far from the whites!

Second half needs to see more of the same and a minimum 5 goals again this week will be the goal.

Second half underway and Uni SA have their best period of the match with some solid ball control. The whites need to show some patience and build the attacks.

Whites settle into their work and are looking better now with more time on the ball. Their passing is back up to standard but not getting the final touches to open them up.

On the counter they go deep in their box and they get one back


Whites work it out of defense and Ismail wins a ball on the wing, takes it all the way and snaps it back to Johnny and he again adds the quality finish needed from a striker for 4-1
Whites. That’s his hatrick!!!

Andre tireless in the middle field has been very good.

Jan takes a free kick and it’s a hand ball off a rebound on the edge of the box? But it’s blocked. The boys have lifted their effort after the Uni SA’s goals. There’s been 4 shots just missing in the second half that could have been scored.

It’s been a solid performance but I am sure we could have have a couple more.

Full time and 4 points in the bank! Call outs to Mo, Kirstin and Sammy in defense however All played well.

Aug 252016

Today sees us at the beautiful seaside pitch at west beach! We are playing Mercedes who’s ground is unplayable so lucky us are here at ‘wind tunnel park’

Today will be a hot contest as Mercedes have produced some impressive performances with a 1 all draw with Pembroke and a 2-1 victory over Rostrevor over the last 2 weeks!

This is the form team in the comp so a very tough game away for the whites! Rumor is they have also loaded their side to stick it up us as well!

It’s cold, breezy and the pitch is average but not wet!

Mercedes look serious in their warm up and have come to play!

The Whites have Saf back but Rob1 still out, Jan back in for Arron and also Cam who are both up to the C’s

We may get a late shower as its does look darkish to the west.

Good start for Bres as he was pacing along the sideline on his phone and the kids game next to us push the ball out to the line. Bres not watching crashing into a poor Little 10 year old and took him out! In true Bres style he just continues to wander along the line and looks back with a smirk!

Looking at Mercedes they look like an even group with a couple of big boys! They have skills and an aggressive approach! Both squads have full numbers. Game on is my call but let’s go whites 3-2

One issue no ref and the start has been pushed back to 1.15 pm so he can make it…?
He has arrived and we have had him before and that was interesting as he is very emotional when it’s tough!

Game starts!

A very even start and both midfields look good!
A play down the left and Ellery is on it he passes to Abdul who beats the defender and delivers a great ball across the keeper to Johnny who pumps it in for the whites first! 1-0 whites . That was quick!

Early observation are they have not defended well so that maybe a bonus for us!

Saba another great ball but Johnny’s shot is blocked by the keeper.

A massive goal kick goes 69 Mtrs with the wind from Mercedes but Dans header is a fantastic for the clearance.

Dan with another great header clears the lines.
Mercedes push hard and are in the game as they settle after the early goal.

Corner Mercedes and they have a 6 foot 5 giant in the box!
The kick is taken and it curls on goal and it’s in as Dan tries to to save but bodies everywhere, it’s a goal! 1 all

Corner whites and it’s Across the front of the box but Abdul shot blocked it rebounds to Aaba and his shot is block as well.

This one is getting hot as the giant is about to squash Johnny as the mouths start to fly off! I can see the glint in Jan’s eye as it becomes a stand off with aggression rising! He loves this stuff!

Goal kick from Big Dan and one touch pass from Jan and Wes is in but it’s just long, keepers ball

A heap of sledging as there seems to be a strong dislike for each other! Rob2 also seems to lift in these games as the tougher it gets the harder he goes in!

Mercedes having a good patch but the defense in Saf, Dan, Matty & Sammy doing well.
Corner Mercedes and Dan crashes the pack and the balls away from a dangerous position.

I think a couple of Mercedes boys will think twice next time they back into BIG DAN!
Close to half time and 1 all

And that’s half time

The key for the whites is to run at them as they have a couple of big slower boys at the back and if we put them under pressure we will score again.

Second starts and it’s all whites Mercedes smash a clearance but Darren is in the way and cops a shocking hit to the eye from 2 Mtrs away and he is hurt! He’s off and I hope ok as it was a bad hit to his face!

This is very tight but you feel there’s more goals.

Ellery great ball across goal and the defender misses it and Abdul is on it with sublime skill he places it past the keeper, what a fantastic finish for a 2-1 lead!

It’s gone off here as Mercedes go berserk about an offside call and the game has stopped the ref get involved on the line with their bench not sure what happen but it’s ugly!

It looks as if Dan’s dad wants to knock someone’s block off! Let me say he is normally the calmest of all of Us and they have abused him to trigger that reponse. They are whingers and fools!

Beautiful ball forward from Johnny and it finds Wes on the ball & bang like Jamie Vardy at his best he hits an absolute Cracker and it’s in for number 3! The boys loved that one as Wes deals them a death blow and the whites take control!!!!!

This is one we want to win as they are a mob of big mouth clowns.

Free kick Mercedes and it’s a good ball and a spare man at the back gets his head in it but Big Dan get a hand on it but the rebound is back to them and it’s in for their second.

Extremely unlucky ( I hope that was a fair description Dan) Game on again 3-2 we lead.

Another corner to them and long but falls to them and the shot is wide but close. We need to rest control back as they are having a a good spell

Matty gets the ball and a nice pass to Saba on to Abdul and he slides it across goal… Who’s there??? it’s Johnny! and he bangs it in with a Suarez type finish so there’s number 4!!

4-2 lead fricking awesome Whites everyone take a bow!

Mercedes screaming like little girls at a Taylor Swift concert! They are experts at the rules as all they do is try to umpire the game maybe if they shut the hell up and just played it may be more productive ?

What they haven’t worked out is this ref hates it and is actually giving them less every time they abuse him! Nobs

We defend well with 10 mins left
Still at hectic pace this one is one of the better quality games for the year but tough!

Matty goes down after a late challenge and is coming off!

Another tackle from behind and is our free kick! That about 5 yellows for them!

Ball forward and another card and free to us and Johnny deliver from a dead ball and Saba try’s the bicycle kick but it’s saved. The boys have kept ownership of the midfield and defended realty well and that’s full time 4-2 great win!

And that was the best and loudest singing of the song all year!

Jan solid and addicted to a scrap, the harder the better – love it

Bobby some great runs and nice balls – well played

Sammy as reliable as ever and a rock. Has stepped up big time with Rob1 out

Dan best game for the year he was a great piece of our defensive puzzle. Congrats Dan!

Ellery creative, classy and skilled. Always a danger, silky smooth.

Wes quality finish, linkman, enigma, freak, team barometer!

Abdul was dangerous, again delivered up front and quality player!

Rob2 hard in the midfield, set
Up the team and defend brilliantly played a major role in the win

Matty best game game for the team this year and won some critical contests whilst showing great commitment

Darren guts, commitment the definition of a team player and off to hospital I hope he is OK & wishing him all the best!

Saf a rock and gives absolutely everything and is Mr. Reliable, a team favorite. I know he enjoyed that win

Big Dan, bloody awesome saves and his marshaling of the troops second to none! Huge assets and best keeper in the league

Johnny clearly his most enjoyable game of the year all you had to do is watch his celebration and 2 goals a top effort from the captain.

Saba at his best! Untouchable on the ball and his second efforts today were special! A game changer!

Bres a happy man who lead from the front with passion and motivation that got the team up for their best win of the season! And that is IT!

Photos the after match victory song.
All played well. Really great team effort!

David Wilson.

Jul 062016

Round 3 Immanuel v Uni Whites away.

It’s a crisp autumn day with what feels like a winter sun providing some much welcome warmth.

After success at Mt Baker last week and Grads red in round one the D grade have had a solid start to the season and will look to build on this platform today.

The whites sit 3rd on the table on goal difference and Immanuel are 6th have won 1 and lost 1.
I am sure it will be a tough game in trying secure the 3 points!

Team news is that there has been a number of changes with Rob2 being picked in the C?

Hamood is still searching for his wife in Bali or lost? Sol is away in Melbourne. So to fill the holes in the mid field we have Mat Bates is back and abz in for his first game with Tomas also in for his 2016 debut. Unfortunately another guys I don’t know has not turned up!!!! Not a good start

Immanuel look to have a sprinkling of youth and experience. One notable point is their keeper is beefy fellow and may not be as agile as some!

The breeze is north west and will be a factor for both sides
We win the toss and kick with the wind in the first half and off we go!

Early on its tight and this no Mt Barker. Immanuel have the best of the first 10 mins with no real chances.
Not much system going forward for the Whites as they haven’t settled yet 18 mins in

A wide ball played in by Immanuel and is in for a goal 1 nil down

Immanuel push again but the defense stands up

30 mins and its a tight game but the Ref seems hell bent on giving soft fouls and most to Immanuel

The Ref is absolutely panicking about any contact and giving soft decisions

40 mins in and the game has evened up and the whites look better

That’s 1/2 time and not our greatest half but I am confident in the second half we will get opportunities!

Bres at half time feels we are not holding the ball and just running and chasing. He moves Saba to up front to hold the ball. Unfortunately Saf pick up a injury ( Hammy ) in the first half and Wes is done as well and they will take no further part! So that’s 3 down plus our others outs

This game is not over and we can come back!

Second half starts
10 mins in and on the break Immanuel open it up and there’s the second and its 2-0

The boys try to string together some passes but no mojo today!

The Ref is pathetic and continues to give unbelievable frees to Immanuel!!!!!

I have not seen 3 passes in a row all day as the boys try hard to pull it back
The whites create a couple of chance but no result.

30 mins gone and long ball clearance seem easy with a 2 nil lead but the whites keep trying to pull one back.
Corner whites and a good ball in from Jahn and it bobbles around in the box but cleared

10 mins left and we need a miracle as the ref continues to be BOG for them
The ball seems to be like a super ball bouncing off our feet, left right and centre

Johnny gets played through and puts it in the back of the net… only to be called back gor offside! We were all standing inline on the bench and that was another horrid call for the day.

Whites press and Matty’s shoots but over the top
And with a wide ball in theres the 3rd and its 3-0

This has not be our day and the midfield outs seem to have unsettled the side however the guys in there have tried hard.
Our endeavor was there but we had a poor day skill wise and they took every opportunity.

And that’s full time and a day to forget!
My best Sam and Jahn

David Wilson.

Jul 062016

Round 2 UNI Whites vs Mt Barker at Mt Barker

Well it’s a drizzly day on top of the mountain but the boys take to their warm up with enthusiasm!
Checking my phone it’s 14.3 degrees and the breeze is cool!

Today is significant as one of the team celebrates his 53rd birthday!!!!! The team also wears the black arm band as it acknowledges the 27th anniversary of ‘Hillsborough’ a significant memory for the great LFC!

I will be honest Mt Barker look like a group not really interested and I am predicting a big win for the whites! Anyone who has a number 00 on their back is taking the piss and deserves a fogging!

We have a small issue no ref yet!
It’s 1.02 and nothing happening.
At 1.06 we are ready to go as the ref is here and off we go!

Early on its all whites as they push for an opener, Mt Barker pushes the ball to the line on every occasion and we have had 6 throw ins in the first 5 mins.
It’s very slippery which is making control difficult!

15 mins in and its a tight contest. We clearly have more skill but the conditions are evening things up!

Whites break and its Jahn charging at the goal, he shoots but just wide!
The whites looked to have settled and have taken control in the midfield. I feel there one close!

Nice throw in and Johnny traps, turns and shoots but just wide. I don’t see the the wind in the first half helping the whites at all and I think going into it will suit us more in the second half.

Corner whites and its in the hot spot and on the rebound clearance Rob2 smashes it in from 20 meters out for number 1 to the whites and we lead 1-0!!

Now it’s opened up and chances are coming thick and fast Saba, Johnny and Bres all have chances but with no result.

That’s half time and the whites lead 1 nil
Half time speech is about more of the same with some cut backs to feet in the box and Bres reckons he will take care of it!

Second half starts
It’s clear Mt Barker will use the long ball and belt the clearance as far as they can every time. If the whites can use their skill and work forward they can score.

Throw in to Bres and he is hit from behind and its a penalty!

Bobby steps up and bang in she goes! 2-0 whites!!

Saba and Rob2 are slicing them up in the middle.
We are in again and Jahn is on goal but it’s wide.

Jahn again! But wide, he is in the game and must score shortly.
Whites dominating!

Mt Barker are in and score ….but wait Wes as the flag up! And the ref has a chat and its disallowed!!!!’ Nice Wes! (The negotiator)

Quick throw and Saba cuts back and the birthday boys nearly gets his foot on it but no! The cruelty of it all.

20 mins in and the chance keep coming in shocking conditions but still 2-0

Bobby wins the ball and goes long to Sam who puts a beautiful measured ball in front of Johnny and pow in it goes for the whites 3rd!!!!! Playing good football in the conditions!

Wes great tackle and crosses into Jahn and he is just wide! That looked like the one!

The whites are in but the flag goes up and Jahn takes exception! (He was right) then a barrage of verbal abuse from the linesman and Jahn returns some well chosen words to be clear he felt it was a bad call!

Attack after attack I can’t keep up lets just say it’s over and done!

Rob takes the throw and Rob2 creates a shot and its a Just over the top!
Wes take on responsibility of a shot on the edge of the box but over the top she goes.

Bobby down the left and he pumps it at the goal and off the bar! I give him credit for the shot but was also nearly a great cross.

2 more corners but no result and that’s full time. 3-0 whites!!

Whites very good performance with the defense supreme lead by big Dan in goal with a faultless performance Rob, Saf and dan were impassable.

Sam had some great runs. Everyone in the middle played well with Rob2, Saba, and Darren, Bobby, sol wide did really well in control.

Up front we could have scored 10 but Jahn and Bres enjoyed their partnership as Wes and Johnny did as well to get it done!

2 wins from 2 games and the season is up and running!

(Picture Bobby’s jumper made me laugh so i took a picture “bobby luv”)

By, David Wilson.

Jul 062016

Welcome to the first game of the season!

Uni Whites vs Grades reds at home. With the smell of cut grass and the feeling that “winter is coming” Uni Whites brace themselves like a soldiers of “the nights watch” preparing for war!

It is clear like every team the whites have ambitions of a successful year and have come in to the first round in good form after what was a stirring effort in the cup round last week!

The day greets us with overcast sky’s but hopefully no rain! The pitch is in very good condition and a perfect day for the great game.

Grads red sport an All red strip and seem to have a blend of old, young and one guy warming up in bright red shorts and sunglasses!

The whites are kicking to the club room end and the first half is underway…

A massive swinging boot should have been a Red or at least yellow but nothing from ref Morgan freeman!
The free kick is punch away by the keeper!
Ball play forward and Hamood is in but brought down in the box and its a penalty.

Johnny steps up and bang in she goes for a 1 nil lead to the whites after 4 mins

Grads look dangerous when they have the ball but look slow and suspect in defense however it is early.

Grads red have some good feet which can create chances but our defense is working well together.
Whites still look good going forward with their pace and control look to be the difference

Corner whites – but is high and wide!
25 mins in and the game is a battle in the midfield with temperatures rising!!!

Grads whip the ball in and a header is good for 1 all

Darren breaking down the left and put it in to the the ‘amazing Wes ‘ who splits the keeper in half with unbelievable chip/off-spinner/angus monfries circa 2013 for 2-1 whites.

Wes in again and beats one! Beat the keeper! Just to rub it in he goes back and Beats the keeper again! (it’s like watching MESSI ) but he pokes it wide!!!! WHAT?!

And that’s half time whites lead 2-1

The whites took control and have started to use the newly introduced interchange rule very well as they look fresher than their opposition.
Bres is happy with the effort and has asked for the boys to really push for the 3rd.

Second half starts

Grads start the second half well with 2 attempts on goal early….The whites need to play tough and absorb the pressure.

Big Dan the scary man! is marshaling the defense as we hold off the push from Grads to get the equalizer

10 Mins in and we are standing tall And continue to hold the lead.
Bobby, Saf, Darren, Rob, Matty and Dan doing a great job dealing with every attack.

A ball is punched forward and hamood cuts it back to Jahn who hits it…..but saved by the keeper.

The corners in and Rob climbs high but his header is taken by the keeper!

Corner whites and Wes plays it short and Matty who plays a great ball across the goal but no one on the end of it. That could have been number 3

Corner grads and Rob clears with a huge header.

Jahn gets tangle up with hot head number 9 who should be off already due to a ridiculous tackle in the first 5 mins and the ref has a chat to them both as they front each other like a ‘Ali and Fraser’ but we all know Jahn is a peaceful man and never loses his temper???

Grads attack again but header over the bar!

Nice ball from Nick but the keeper shut Johnny down and its out for a throw to us, the keeper is down and getting treatment but seems ok! In fact nothing wrong with him?

Free kick to grads in a dangerous position and the wall goes in place! The kick is taken and straight into the wall and cleared

30 mins in and the whites continue to hold grads off!

Corner whites off a Wes shot as its deflected out by a defender
In it goes and Jahn volleys wide
The whites seem to have taken control of the midfield as their fitness seems superior???

Jahn through the mid field and his ball was magnificent to Johnny and he make the keeper look drunk as he slots the whites 3rd and its 3-1 whites!!!!!!

They are on fire with Rob (no.3 midfield) is killing them! “He will be referred to as Rob 2 on future reports and The real Rob will be referred to as Rob1?

The ducks have now entered the field (see photo) as they know the game over and its safe to wander around as Grads Reds have nothing left!

Corner grads and its cleared, its now 40 mins in and the whites are In total control! Grads have dropped their heads as they know it’s a lost cause!!!

And that’s full time! A great first up win for the whites and 2016 is on and running!!!!!!

That’s it!!!!!!

David Wilson

Jul 062016

Today Uni Whites D venture to Rostrevor!
They current are unbeaten but up front I can see an upset!!!!

It’s a great day for football at 23 degrees and it’s a good pitch for the lads to show their stuff.
There are some familiar faces in the Rostrevor lineup. We know a few have some quality but they fall away quickly.

Warm up is done with the whites looking sharp. Rostrevor have done barely any warm up and I think look concerned!
They have a couple of solid unit who are built for comfort not speed!!!

We are underway and it’s a tight start with some willing tackles but whites looking good.
Sol breaks and crosses in and an own goal!!!!

Whites 1 nil up!

Rostrevor break and an error at the back and that’s 1 all. Unlucky

Rostrevor playing the normal way of pushing the boundaries belting us at every opportunity and theres their first yellow! This is on and the whites need to stand up to them

Sol with an amazing run and he brought down in the box and it’s a penalty!!!
But no card!

Johnny lines it up and bang in she goes for a 2-1 lead!!!!!

Corner Rostrevor but cleared!
Whites on goal but saved! It is a cracker this one!

Whites hold strong and Sol has another shot but the keeper cleans it up!
Rostrevor under pressure are taking the long ball option and Rob and the guys are cleaning it up everytime!

The whistle blows and that’s 1-2 time with a 2-1 lead

Bres has stated that was our best half for the year and what the boys need to do is keep the pressure up and get the ball to feet everytime!

The second half begins
Rostrevor attack but Big Dan saves (he has had a cracker)
Long clearance from Dan and the other Dan just fail to keep it in.

Free kick as Dan is brought down
Jahn in hard and wins the throw
it’s opening up a bit and Jahn gets a ball and powers it but just saved! Great shot

Corner whites and and Saf hits it! (Yes Saf) but it’s high

Free kick Rostrevor and it’s blocked by the wall
Player going down left, right and center!

27 mins gone and this it a tough contest and tempers are nearly over the top, the ref says he will call it off if everyone doesn’t behave themselves! WTF

Whites push forward and Jahn nearly threads it though!

Whites break and Dan wins the ball to Abul to John to Dan to Abul and bang that’s number 3!!!! This is going to be a great win as the whites lead 3-1

Tension are high but you can see Rostrevor bleeding (love it, there is a god)

Whites again and Hamood cuts back from the corner flag and Sol slots it in for a great goal and that 4-1 whites!!

Whites have stood up today and played their best game for the year!

The whites hold firm as the wall (big Dan) and (the rock Rob) just toy with every attack slapping them away like a bad Hooker!

The whites clearly on top as the the game tickles to full time!

And that’s it’s the final whistle and a fantastic 4-1 victory against the unbeaten Rostrevor thugs.

What make this sweeter is number41 trudges off not shaking hands with his head down! Which is his best play of the day and make the win the sweetest of all!!

Sorry the report is a bit thin today, i couldn’t take my eyes off the game! Sam was incredible today that had to be metnioned, stood up to some big blokes and won the ball everytime!

This is where the season really begins!!

‘And that’s it, that it, that it, that’s it’ Uni Whites that’s it!!!’

David Wilson.

Jul 062016

Round 6 and the whites sit 3-2 with a great win against Rostrevor last week to deliver them their first loss for the year! (That was sweet & boo Hoo to those whingers)

We must keep in mind the whites are 1 win off top!

Today see the unknown Woodside who are new to the competition come to the city to meet the whites at home.

So far the woodchoppers aka warriors are winless, racking up some big defeats so all goes well for a whites victory.

It’s another perfect day at 23 degrees ( who said climate change does have its advantages! Bloody Greens)

The pitch is in great condition with with a breeze springing up favoring the city but scoring should be done at both ends I apologize for today’s report as I need to play taxi during the first half as son no. 2 needs a lift to the Footy at 1.20 (soft and yes my fault I know) anyway I will try to pick things up as we go!

Warm ups and the whites go through their normal routine and look sharp! One change Wes in and Darren out with a calf injury

Woodside are in the Crystal Palace colors who also play in tonight’s FA cup final against ManU (let’s hope they win tonight but not today) they seem a young and old side (with 4 oldies) and at 12.40 have not started their warm up and are getting change still!

12.45 and 5 woodcutters stand in a circle and kick the ball to each other!!! I observe they look like they are not the fittest side in the competition and most seem built with extra insulation for the cold days and nights up in the hills.

The breeze is now a wind!
The football next to us is boring as Adelaide Uni lead 7.7 to 1.1 against Flinders Uni

It is official Woodside are the first team we have played not to do a proper warm up! What do they expect no wonder they are 5 zip

Ok we are ready to go and the first half Is off and running.

All whites early and John wins the ball in the middle and plays in Abdul for number 1. A nice finish

Another attack and Sol crosses in but too long for Hamood

While I was away
Woodside in and a long ball results in a goal
Rob A scored
Header goal to John
Penalty missed by John

Ball through the middle and john to Sol he is one on one and beats the keeper for our 4th

Woodside cross in but the header wide and Dan take the goal kick
Hamood down the left cut back to Saba but it’s wide.

Hamood wins the ball with a great tackle in the middle and passes to Abdul and he is in in goal and powers it passes the keeper from number 5

Abdul again but no offside and again offside. I think Abdul can see a double hatrick

The whites are in and Jonny hit but no, he hits it again but no. Hits it again and it’s over the top! WTF?!?!

Whites forward and it’s Abdul again for number 3! I have lost count! I think it’s 6 – 1

Abdul 3, Johnny 1, Sol 1, RobA 1

Anyway whites in again and Johnny nearly knocks the goal keeper out! But no goal
Wes get his chance as he is subbed on
Whites go again as this as expected is a cake walk

A bad tackle and a yellow as Rob2 gets hacked down. Rob takes the free kick and a curling ripper finds Sava’s toe for our 7th
Brilliant ball!

Balls worked forward and Wes hits it but saved
Wes cut through the middle and Johnny is just wide

Saba passes to Wes and a shot on the outside of his boot and it’s pushed away. Great effort
Hamood down the left and a great cut back and Johnny bangs it in for number 8 ..finally johnny

The middle field is dominating
Saba breaks and the walk goes wide to Wes and he smashes it in for number 9.

We are close to full time! Is there 10?

Hamood hacked down and is subbed off
Free kick Woodside and its in the wall which was Wes just standing there of to the left!

And that’s full time a lazy 9-1 victory. I missed 30 mins but I can say it was simply a slaughter.
Whites 4-2 for the year and goal difference took a health boost!

Simply All played well! That’s it!!

David Wilson.

Jul 062016

Round 7 takes us to Unley to play the team 4th on the ladder with 4 wins, 1 loss to Blackwood and 1 draw to Pembroke.

The Whites are currently 5th and 1 point behind Unley. With a win today the Whites could jump to 3rd on the ladder but at worst 4th.

It’s a typical winters day without rain! So the winter sun gives us some good warmth which as a old person I appreciate!

Changes to the team Rob2 and Jan are out and we welcome Jorge in to the team and Darren is back as well.

The ground is in reasonable condition with a couple of wet muddy spots but overall ok.

Unley look far more organized than the woodcutters last week and have some real system in their warm up. They are a typical Div4 side with some older barrel chested guys and some youth.

To me it’s clear we need to be playing well to win but I am predicting a 4-2 victory!

We have a small issue, no kit! Jan is making a desperate bid to get here so we can make kick off!

Jan has arrived and saves the day!
Bres addresses the boys and wants a high tempo game and wants an early goal! He asked the boys to run hard at them and put pressure on early!

There’s the whistle and the we are off in the first half, whites are kicking to the city end

Early we attack and Saba works it forward and shoots but it’s wide
Unleys turn and n14 looks a player as he shoots but it’s just wide

Free kick whites and it’s dropped by the keeper and bobbles (someone hit it) around but cleared!

Corner whites – nothing there as they clear a short ball

15 mins in and it’s tight but we look more skilled!

Whites great pressure up forward as they run down 3 tackles and look to stamp their mark in the game

Corner and Saf on to it with a nice header but just wide.

Saba wins the ball and passes to Sol and his long shot across the keeper is good!!!!! 1-0, whites leadafter 22 mins

Some lazy tackles from Unley as they are being outplayed but 1 nil is not enough

John cut back to Sol and his shot is over the top.

30 min gone and our defense needs to be tight as Unley push for an equalizer.

This will be a battle of fitness and the interchange may be a key for the whites. They have some guys that may not run it out as they are gravity challenge due to food intake!

N14 and n10 look the threats but our boys have them covered at this point!

Soft free to Unley about 35 Mtrs out but nicely taken by big Dan!

Unley push forward but a trademark interception for Rob1 and he clears

40 mins gone
Sol gets pinged for a deliberate handball and cops a yellow. Not sure what he was thinking? Maybe a audition for Big Dan job and I am sure the boys will give it to him

As we get to half time the game has evened up as Unley know another Whites goal will kill them off!

There’s the whistle after 5 mins of extra time?????? For what

Bres is pumped up he asked the boys for quick passing and stop dribbling in the mud! I can say this is his best speech for expletives all year!

Quotes ‘it’s time to learn how to play football’ he wants more talk and direct play to put them away! I really enjoyed his address!

Second half starts
Whites pressure the kick off and it’s out for a throw.

Free kick Whites but a fowl gives them the ball. Unley shot on goal but it’s a sky ball and over the top

I can see Whites on the break as Unley push numbers to the half way line looking for the goal! My tip Abdul will hurt them!

Corner Unley – n14 takes it and Hamood clears
Whites break and it’s Sol charging and cuts back but Hamood is wide with the shot!

Unley press again and the Barrel pumps it wide.
Unley pushing hard but Dan, Rob, Saf, Sam and Matt doing well!

Throw to the whites and they are in but a very suss offside called

Whites forward and Dan pushes to the box and it’s a handball and penalty!

Abdul lines it up and POW in she goes for a 2-0 lead!!!

30 mins left so a long way to go and a 3rd would be the trick!

Unley on the attack and a cross find a head and they score! 2-1 whites lead.

The ball breaks to Abdul he beat one, he beats two and bang there’s number 3! Great goal

20 mins gone as Unley dispute the goal and complain to the Ref about everything!

Saba wins the ball beats one,
beats two, slips it to Abdul and on the outside of his foot he beats the keeper for our 4th!!!

There is magic out there at the moment!
Unley are spewing and giving the ref heaps! Tackles are now coming thick and fast as are the fowls as Unley lose the plot!!!!

Whites push forward and it’s a throw in from the corner! No luck
Another fowl as Rob1 get taken down!

30 mins gone and the defense again this week is shutting down everything. There has been no other genuine chances for Unley

Whites get the ball and a shot away by Johnny but straight to the keeper.

Free kick Unley on the edge of the box a real chance and it’s in for their second as it goes over the wall and Dan has no chance!

35 mins gone and Unley have not given up and it’s still a willing contest!

Whites just need to hold the ball as every attack is a counter attack by them, the ball is in the box and Johnny goes down and it’s a penalty!

Johnny takes it and places it perfectly for the Whites 5th!

Game well and truly over at 38 mins gone in the second half!

Unley revert to cheating as an offside is given and Darren was on by 5 meters.

And that’s full time and a great win 5-2 and the charge continues!

Abdul 3 goals but couldn’t get near it early but as soon as we played to feet he had a party!
All played well and whilst I maybe a bit bias our defense was a wall!

David Wilson

Jul 062016

Round 8 see the Whites at home and after last weeks mauling of Unley 5-2 the boys are on a high.

As a quick side note all grades have won in both rounds 6 & 7 which is a great effort by all at the club!

Today we host Mercedes at home
The tail of the tape reads that the whites are 3rd on the ladder and Mercedes 7th.

Mercedes have a poor away record however have only lost by 1 goal to both Rostrevor 2nd on the ladder and league leaders Blackwood!

From the outset be clear this is a danger game and any positive result will be gladly accepted.
Mercedes games have been relatively low scoring so today we must create take our chances!

It’s again a perfect day with not a cloud in the sky and the breeze is coming across the ground from Adelaide oval but should not effecting either end.

This is a critical game in the shape of the season as we enter the cup round bye next weekend, the whites are now 3 points off top spot.

Also Worth noting Blackwood 1st play Pembroke 4th and Rostrevor 2nd play Unley 5th this weekend.

Changes to the side in – Wes, Jan, Rob2
out – Matty Chan, Jorge
I have never like Mercedes as they always seem to be a mouthy, dirty and hang around like a bad hangover!

The whites go through there normal routine with runs and stretches and Mercedes stand in a circle and kick the ball to each other?

Let’s be honest Mercedes green strip is in contention as the worst in the league. Reminds me of the Balfours green frog cake!

A bit of controversy prior to kick off as Mercedes coach come across and says he has brought a Ref??? He explains he’s a state league Ref and he wasn’t sure we would have one?? Bres quickly puts him in his place and tells him we already have a ref!!!! What the hell is going on?

I already stated I don’t like them and that little effort confirms they are nobs!

Now we a dealt with their first attempt to influence the outcome I hope they Second guess their chances!!!!

That deserve a proper spray today from the match report!

Here we go! Number 5 looks like he has borrowed his little brothers shirt with n7 not far behind him.

N6 let’s call him Barrel will be tested for speed and Moses n2 at center back looks an interesting character

Any way we are underway!

Early whites push up and the ball is lost and ends up a free kick to them. The shot is wide.
Whites break and Abdul get on it and beats one and shoots! It hit the side post rebounds and it’s saved

Long ball from Big Dan and it’s of heads and Abdul with pace beats the defender and at full stretch on his left beats the keeper for number 1!!!!! Whites lead 1-0 after 10 mins

And a shocking tackle on Rob2 and its on! Theres a punch on and in goes Everyone and guys get flattened everywhere it is going off! The ref under pressure as players come from everywhere as its is a all in!!!

Bres is on the field to calm it down and the ref gives 2 reds, one each! Rob 2 very unlucky to be sent off!

Both teams down to 10 as things settle but I fear it’s not over!

In the midfield n3 for them shoots? WTF and it’s over the top from 45 meters
This game is going to offer a heap of chance as the gaps appear!

N2 get beaten and swing his legs (pig) and collect Dan but nothing from the ref! That guy is a wanker

Whites forward and Sol beats a couple but can’t get the shot away
To me they don’t have the skills we do but it’s early!

Sam pushes up and his pass is just long. Mercedes defend grimly as the whites apply the pressure they are playing very deep and looking for the quick break!

N2 again hacks down Dan and there’s his yellow which should have been his second!!!!! The guys a tool

30 mins gone and it’s a cracker
Abdul in and cross to Hamood and his header is solid but saved.

At the other end frog cake green are in but big Dan push it over the top! Corner and again big Dan save the day again.

Free kick Mercedes and it’s headed back in but tip over by big Dan
It’s a tight contest as Mercedes look for the equalizer

And that’s half time! What a first half it had everything…….

Bres addresses the boys and talks tactics with 10 men. He says they are winning the hard ball but we are waiting for possession. He explains we must stand up and win each of our positions.

Turn and go use skill in the forward line and clear defense every time.
This will be a big second half as we know they will come out breathing fire!

Second half starts and the whites go forward and Abdul and Sol get chances but are shut down the ball goes to Wes who lays off to Darren who shoots but saved.

In the middle and n 11 Attacks Sol and it’s a red card!!!! What a dick! And it’s all in again even the linesman has a go!
This team has big angry issues!

9 v 10!!!! Will there be more send offs????

Mercedes get a chance and in hit the side goal rebounds back but we clear, desperate stuff
Corner whites and Wes like Ronaldo sends it in and Rob1 is at the back of the pack and baaaannnnggg it’s in for number 2!!! We lead 2-0!

Free kick whites after another late tackle and Wes just long for Sol
Free kick Mercedes and it’s Cleared by the whites for a corner and it’s taken and placed to the back post and headed back across and another header in its 2-1

Things get very interesting as the whites have lost momentum we need another to be sure! Corner whites and it’s no good!

25 mins gone and edge of your seat stuff.
Free kick and Johnny chips it and it’s nearly in but goal kick

Mercedes press with 9 men as we are under pressure. We need one good ball and we can score

Dan runs it to Abdul over to Sol who is in on goal but it’s wide

Ball falls to Sol but a wild shot wide
Free kick to them and shot on goal saved by Dan

Corner to them and the head on it but saved by big Dan.

Whites break and Johnny first class pass to Sol and he beats the keeper for a beautiful goal 3-1 game over for the thugs!!!!

The game has opened up and Bres has decided to load defense and see this one out!

Up and down the ground but everyone’s buggered the game is done, it’s been a war!

Whites push forward one last time and it’s a corner! Bobby hits it short and it’s cleared but puts great pressure on the see it out
Saba to Bobby and the shot is saved and that full time!

The teams shake hands and Bres get them in the middle of the ground for what is a well deserved club song!!!

All played really well, a real team effort but some spectacular saves from Big Dan and Rob 1 who also scored!

Bres really enjoyed that one and that was an important victory!!!

I will leave the report saying the sniper tactics from Mercedes where a blight on their club and this season has seen some disgraceful coward acts more so than any other season from teams that lack ability.

I will shut up now! That’s it!

David Wilson

Jul 062016

Well it’s Election Day! I haven’t voted yet as I still try to sort through the childish taunts from all parties concerned! It would be nice if someone could act like a normal person but that’s a dream!

Anyway we are home today to the mountain men (Mt. Barker) a team we should beat but we have a number of changes to the team which we need to get the balance right with the new boys.

It’s a cool day and we are on the pitch next to the river. Mt Barker have a couple of golden oldies and will defend at all cost as they like to put the ball out as a key strategy?

We kick to the river end as the whistle goes to start the game and the whites attack early but Barker pump it out as expected.

Early save from Dan who is back in goal this week.

The whites also welcome Rob2 back and he is on the ball early looking strong.

Barker go forward and are taking long shots which are dangerous!
Whites just need some composure as they go forward to create a real chance!

Corner and Jan puts it in the hot spot but it shaves Rob2 head and cleared!
10 mins gone and the whites start to settle.
Wes on as the first sub of the day!
Matty defending well as he cover the left hand side.

The ref allow advantage which is good and he seems ok so far which is a nice change.
Big Dan saving everything at the moment doing an amazing job!

Free kick and good ball from Wes which just goes over Rob1 head and it’s the keepers ball.
Whites now on top but Barker get the free kick and it’s hit from 35 out but Dan takes it! Not a bad effort.

Corner Barker and it’s just over the top bar!
35 mins gone and it’s a arm wrestle at the moment with no team taking its chances.

Whites on and great ball from Cam Meets Wes steaming at goal like a freight train and POW it’s in for the whites 1st! Great goal!!

Whites at goal again and Wes growing with over confidence smashes it way over the bar and it nearly hits the Myer building ?

Wes on the ball and does a back heel Ronaldo style and all we hear is Bres go ‘WEEEESSSSSSSS!!’ at the top of his voice! Pure Bres gold!
As Wes is dragged Johnny’s comment ‘you knew as soon as you did the back heel you were off’ Wes smiles.

And that’s half time 1 nil whites up.

Bres looking for more passing first time to cut them up and put them away!

Second half starts
Rob1 off with an groin injury
Rob2 cut through the defense and is brought down and it must be a penalty but NO?????

This one is heating up as Bres argues with the ref and their bench has a go at him, Bres invites the guy to come over and settle the argument but their coach declines – Wanker!

Corner Barker and it’s punched clear but rebounds off the post and back across the goal and it’s in! 1 all

Pressure on as it’s now a tight one and we need some clear play and a strong defense!
Whites in the box and it’s bobbling around but we can get a shot off

Free kick whites and it’s put in by Jan but misses everyone, a real chance

Corner whites again Jan takes it and Saba hits it and it bangs into the cross bar! So close
Barker forward and it floats across the goal and Dan gathers

The game is open now and anyone can score still looking for that piece of magic to get in on goal.

15 mins gone second half
Barker in on goal and it’s in and 2-1 to them

Throw in and Johnny hits it on target but is headed away.

Barker in and on goal but big Dan smashes into the on coming player and stop a certain goal!
Yellow out as 59 hacks at Jan as they continue to push the limits!

Matt get the ball as it cleared and a great shot is just pushed wide.
Rob2 has a ping and it’s just over the top

Whites doing all the attacking but need to cover the break as that how they have scored
Free kick barker on the edge of the box and it’s over the top for a goal kick

With 30 mins gone things are desperate and we need a miracle to get out of this one!
Wes with a chance but doesn’t get enough on it and the keeper tidies up.

Corner whites and Jan puts it in and it cleared. Whites attacking and another corner Wes this time and he finds Jan in the box who rises about the pack and it’s in!!!! 2 all.

Game on!!!!

About 8 mins left
Another bad tackle on Rob2 and he is down and coming off!

Johnny gets a yellow as he argues with the ref
Corner whites and johnnys header finds the keeper

59 again in on goal but big Dan great left foot save!!!!!

Free kick another poor tackle and Jan has a crack over the top!

Finally a red card for their big thug forward 42 who should have been off 6 times, including a groin grab on Saf. Pathetic individual who has some friends, as the word from the boys is they are the worst bunch of clowns we have played against!!!

I honestly think some of their players have mental issues!

We push again but there’s the final whistle and it’s a 2 all draw. That one got away and hurts as they are a an average mob!
Understandably Bres fuming at the result but injuries and luck were against us today.
Today’s photo is Darren eating a banana after the game, enjoy. ?

David Wilson