Jul 282013

Unley 2 – 4 Uni Whites

Losing to Unley is bad enough, but then having to suffer the abuse in their somewhat biased match reports just rubs salt into the wound.  Having lost twice already this season the C’s again made the trip to the paddock of a pitch that Unley claim to be a fortress.

Inclement weather over night left the pitch heavy underfoot especially after the Whites D’s had fought a tough 3-3 draw with Unley D’s and ploughed many a furrow up, down and across the pitch.  Boyed by their first win of the season against a previously unbeaten Mount Barker the C’s were confident that this was to be their day.

Again Unley provided us with the extra motivation needed to spur on the boys.  A gentle reminder in each of the Whites players ears about previous match reports in which Unley kindly referred to us as a bunch of C U Next Tuesdays and as also being old, slow, whingey and dirty (I’m sure Chairman Lev didn’t play in that particular game) was all that was needed to provide that extra motivation.

The opening exchanges were evenly contested with both sides looking to get the ball down and play football on the paddock.  Unley swung in a couple of dangerous crosses to the back post with no reward and forced one routine save from The Whites keeper.

The Whites persevered with playing the beautiful game and were awarded a penalty for some offence that merits a penalty (I can’t remember exactly what).  Up stepped Leachy (Never missed a spot kick since he was in nappies) and sent it to the keepers right.  Unfortunately the man Unley refer to as the Bear guessed correctly, flung himself to the right and palmed the ball away.

Undeterred The Whites continued to play an expansive brand of attacking football with Simon and Ian making several forays down the flanks and linking up well with the two strikers Alex (Yiros lover) and Fairuz.  Our Yiros loving striker forced a great save from the Unley keeper when through one on one. When Fairuz managed to beat the keeper the post came to Unley’s rescue.

Now having read Unley’s match report prior to writing this there are some differing opinions as to The Whites attractive style and brand of passing football.  Alex finally broke the deadlock when, with his back to goal, he turned the two centre backs inside out with a deft flick before advancing on goal and calmly slotting the ball past the onrushing Bear.  Unley state that The Whites tactic of lumping the ball forward to the big lone striker eventually paid dividends (If they mentioned the big lone striker was ugly and gormless looking then they may have been some truth to their report).

One nil at half time, quickly became three nil despite the weather’s best efforts to ruin the game.  Despite the torrential rain, hail, thunder, lightning, plague of locusts and gale force winds The Whites kept it simple, kept the ball down and began to run riot.  Fairuz, then Manny both got their names on the score sheet as the Whites repeatedly got in behind the Unley defence and cut backs were put away with aplomb.

In response Unley sent on their young, quick Asian (NBA All Star Basketball Player) winger who had an immediate effect on the game.  Using his pace said NBA All Star got in behind ‘Chairman Plough’ who was carving up the ground in a merry fashion.  The ball hit one of the many furrows created by ‘Chairman Plough’ before popping up to around waist height.

Faced with the onrushing Whites keeper our NBA All Star deftly dribbled around the keeper with his hands before sinking a twenty foot jump shot.  Sorry, before smashing the ball into the roof of the net and running off grinning and waving his hand in the air (You cheating little F#%K).

Annoyed that he couldn’t catch the pacey All Star Player to attempt a tackle, chop him to piece or boot him into the neighbouring  field ‘Chairman Plough’ tried to go through the keeper (Whites)and lost (An ouchy followed).  The resultant ‘Ouchy’ lead to a reshuffle with Leachy dropping into centre back alongside Bocky, Fairuz into centre midfield and Dan Gartner, of tribute Band One Erection fame, joining the Yiros King up front.

Undeterred by Unley’s attempts to cheat their way back into the game the Whites pressed again and yet another cut back following good work down the flanks by our wingers and Yiros King lead to Dan Gartner sliding in at the back post to stick away the fourth Whites goal.  Unley unfortunately scored a second when Matty G lost his footing in the mud bath that had become the 18 yard box and the ball fell kindly at the feet of the Unley player who stuck it away in the bottom left hand corner.

The Whites comfortably shut up shop after this and played out the last five or so minutes without too much trouble.  Four two it finished, a great win in some of the worse conditions I have played in for many a year.  Credit is due to the boys for sticking to the game plan and playing some really good football in shite condition (or as Unley stated we continued to lump the ball long to our tall one striker).   Two wins on the bounce and there is a new found enthusiasm and determination in The C’s.  That’s It!!!

Credit to The Gaffer for preserving with us rabble when he could have and I know he has thought  ‘Fuck it’ and Mel (aka Nel B), who rain or shine is there to do the admin stuff, supply tape and half time snacks and most importantly tuck Bocky’s shirt into his pants.

Jul 282013

Having arrived somewhat early for the C’s game I was fortunate enough to watch some of the D’s game.  Three one up when I arrived the Whites were firmly on the back foot.  What happened next goes down in Whites, if not all goalkeeping history.

A deep cross from the Unley left was met on the penalty spot by the unmarked Unley striker with a firm downward header to the man they call ‘Horse’ right hand side.  Certain goal the Unley striker thought.  ‘Horse’ had other ideas and flung himself away to his right at full stretch.

‘Horse’ was all over it like a fat bird at an all you can eat buffet and got the big right hand to it to push it away for a corner.  Many in the crowd likened it to the great Gordon Banks save from Pele in the 1970’s World Cup.

Jun 032013

Mercedes 4 – 2 Uni Whites. True scores (Referee 3 + Mercedes 1 = 4 – 2 Uni Whites)

Grey and wet didn’t just describe the weather on Saturday for the Whites trip to the ‘pig pen’ of a pitch that Mercedes call home. With the ‘Gaffer’ currently deployed on nappy changing duties following the birth of baby Stella (congratulations to the Haralam family)managerial duties were handed to the Club ‘CEO’ Tim ‘Levandowski’)

With Matt ‘The Gloves’ dropping out with what the ‘CEO’ described as a career threatening ‘Ouchy’ and ‘Snake Hips’ Whiteside succumbing to old age (doesn’t want anyone to know he is 40 years young), the ‘CEO’ was forced into a couple of changes.

Lim came in for the ‘Ouchy’ and started between the posts, with the ‘CEO’ slotting in alongside ‘Oscar’ Bock at the back. Being a staunch Chelsea man the ‘CEO’ and obviously buoyed by the news that the chosen one is returning to The Bridge, the ‘CEO’ (in the guise of the Chosen one) opted for an attacking 4-3-3 formation working on the belief that the somewhat waterlogged pitch, the pace and flair of the many attacking options available to him and possibly a change in luck may suit the formation and snaffle that elusive first win.

Our referee for the day and I use that term loosely gave an inspiring ‘Keep the sliding tackles to a minimum lads, the conditions don’t suit and I don’t want anyone getting injured’ speech. Our ‘CEO’ however, knew this referee (again used in the loosest terms) well, and delivered his speech:
“This referee is S#$T, he doesn’t move, he is lazy and if you upset him he will give nothing. In fact it will go the way of the opposition”

Having assumed the role of Chief motivator I found this somewhat unfair. Never judge a book by its cover I thought unit I saw said referee (yet again used in its loosest terms). Oh how wrong I was to be.

Anyhow to the game…

The first fifteen or so minutes saw the Whites (why do we wear White on days like this) in the ascendancy. The midfield three of Leachy (still not seen him smile), Fairuz and Callum S linked well with the three front runners of Jay ‘Mad for It’ Paherding, Oscar and Simon.

Despite the wet, muddy conditions the Whites tried to get the ball down and play the beautiful game. One particular move from the right hand side saw Simon cut in off the wing, deliver a ‘Fifa Style’ step over that completely bamboozled the Mercedes defenders and our subs bench, before unleashing a cracking finish past the keeper at the near post. One nil Whites (not been said too often this season).

Obviously impressed by the fluent, expansive, ball to feet style of football the Whites were playing the referee (yet again loosely termed) decided to spice things up. The alleged clamp down on sliding conditions on the ‘mire’ of a pitch went out the window as Mercedes began to fly into the tackles studs up, with Fairuz being the victim of one particularly late sliding tackle foul bordering on assault that the number 14 of Unley would have been proud of. Play on said the referee until he finally heeded the by now hoarse yelling of Bocky to allow Fairuz to have his ankle checked out. This sealed the tone for the game as the ref had demonstrated his athletic prowess and superb 20 / 20 vision by not moving from the centre circle.

What followed from the referee can only be described as one of the most inept performances from the man in black, hang on come to think of it he may as well have been wearing green given the love he showed to our opposition. Then again perhaps they didn’t have a shirt big enough for him to squeeze into.

Having decided that Mercedes had created very little, other than a few hopeful punts into the White penalty area, the referee with his eagle eyed 20 / 20 vision from more than forty yards away saw fit to award a penalty to the team in Green. Apparently the Mercedes attacker was heinously hacked down in the eighteen yard area.

What actually transpired was the said mentioned player attempted to emulate Simon’s step over, fell over in the mud and flung himself into the eighteen yard area (9.6 for technical merit) but definitely not a foul. More of a yellow card for simulation me thinks. Anyhow up stepped a very grateful Mercedes to tuck away the resulting penalty.

The Whites attempted to lift themselves, but despite their best efforts, our referee again saw fit (from his high unobstructed vantage point using his eagle eyed 20 / 20 vision again to good affect) to award a second penalty apparently for pushing to his ‘Boys in Green’. Same result as the first and the Whites were some how two one down.

Half time and I thought I would never see it, the referee actually moved his ample frame from the centre circle. Obviously he had heard that the local all you can eat buffet had just opened.

The second half saw much of the same from the man in Green sorry Black. A hopeful punt forward from Mercedes fell to the feet of the somewhat surprised feet of their striker (who was at least ten yards offside). The linesman’s flag went straight up, the referee (complete F~*KING useless T~&T waved play on) allowing his ‘Boys in Green’ to score a third. Despite the clear fact the Whites were up against twelve men they continued to press. Jay ‘Mad for It’ Paherding having been elbowed in the mouth first half by the Mercedes number three (obvious love child of the referee) which went unpunished by the eagle eyed referee, worked himself some space in the box and beat the keeper at the near post.

Unfortunately Mercedes and not the referee saw fit to spoil the Whites come back and actually scored a goal that did not include a foul, offside, some other form of cheating or assistance from the man ’Firmly entrenched in the middle’. Four two it ended unjustly. On the balance of play and goals scored fairly and without assistance two one to The Whites.

Oh and said referee for future reference:

The following conditions must be met for an offence to be considered a foul (FIFA Guidelines Law 12):

  • It must be committed by a player
  • It must occur on the field of play
  • It must occur when the ball is in play

REMOVE any of these conditions and the offence IS NOT and CANNOT be a foul.

Here’s some examples of offences.

The following conditions must be met for an offence to be considered offside (FIFA Guidelines Law 11):

A player IS IN AN OFFSIDE position if:

  • He is nearer to the opponent’s goal line than both the ball and the second last opponent
  • IFAB Decision One (1): consideration should be given to any part of the head, body or feet of the attacker in relation to the second last defender, the ball or the halfway line.

Once more written by Matt Hawyes with Bocky edits.

May 212013

Unley 3 – 1 Uni Whites

Having been unceremoniously dumped out the Collegiate Cup the week before by Unley in what can only be described as a woeful and inept performance, the Whites made the short trip from Stade Blanc to the meadow that Unley claim to be a pitch.

With Club CEO ‘Levandowski’ and Cam H off looking at retirement homes, the ‘Gaffer’ spent the week juggling his resources (and balls?) whilst working on a system to stop the rot and make the Whites a competitive outfit. Selection headaches followed with the withdrawal of wing wizard Dan Gartner, who was contractually bound to tour with his One Direction Tribute band. Thankfully with the return of the previously cup tied players and the emergence of the A’s cup winning hero John George aka Doctor John George aka John George Squared the Whites (on paper at least going on previous weeks) were able to field a strong side.

The ‘Gaffer’ opted for a four, four, two formation and deployed Nick ‘Snake hips’ Whiteside as a sweeper alongside our South African import Kev ‘Oscar’ Bock. Yours truly formed the last line of defence with Ian Routledge and Dawid at left and right back. A solid midfield four of Manny, Wez, Leachy (debut) and Fairuz offered plenty of attacking options to supplement the forward two of Alex and John George aka Doctor John George aka John George Squared .

Trying to lift the boys following a six nil thumping by the same lot the week before seemed a tad tricky until the Unley match report was read. Unley were kind enough to describe us a bunch of See You Next Tuesdays whilst waxing lyrical about how easy the win had been and double figures should be on the cards. It was just what was needed to fire the boys up and an extremely determined Whites took to the field.
Cheered on by the D’s (who despite losing narrowly showed great fighting spirit) the Whites matched Unley in the early exchanges. Quickly the Whites settled into a good passing rhythm knocking the ball about comfortably. Dawid quickly showed his pace and quick feet by turning the Unley number 14 inside out on several occasions before taking off down the right flank. As an appreciation of such flair and said skill the Unley player rewarded Dawid with a two footed studs up challenge that left him crumpled on the turf.

Our referee for the day, who appeared to have the back bone a Jellyfish and from now on will be referred to as said Jellyfish, was quick to wag his finger at the Unley player, ‘tut’ loudly a couple of times and frightened the life out of the player by telling him he was now being watched. The leg end that is Steve Bresolin obviously though that this stern talking too was unjust then spent the rest of the half verbally bonding with said mentioned number 14 from the side lines. I hope that it is the start of a beautiful loving relationship.

Dawid soldiered on and with Unley exerting some pressure our Jellyfish for the day saw fit to award Unley a penalty for deliberate handball, despite being completely unsighted and with ball striking the player in the chest. One nil to Unley quickly became two when having cleared a corner to the edge of the box the Whites were slow to close down the Unley Mr. Bean look alike. Despite stepping on the ball and getting it stuck under his feet Mr. Bean managed to deploy his pitching wedge and lofted the ball into the top right hand corner despite the best efforts of Snake Hips (grow some hair you bald T##T) on the line.

The Whites continued to press and John George aka Doctor John George aka John George Squared managed to get of a couple of efforts on goal that forced the previously bored looking Unley keeper in action. Despite these chances Unley managed to catch the Whites on the break and with here left winger / whinger arriving unmarked six yards out a third goal look on the cards. Said winger / whinger met the ball firmly with his head and sent back across the keeper trying to wrong foot him. Adjusting his feet quickly said keeper rolled back the years to fling himself away to his left and stick out a big hand. The rest is history (with many of the 100’s of Whites fans comparing the current C’s Keeper to the previous greats Banks, Bresolin and Horse).

Two nil down at half time but definitely not out of it. The ‘Gaffer’ made a few changes with Wez, who appeared to need a nap and Dawid who had been assaulted coming off. Matt G slotted in at right back with Simon partnering Leachy in the centre of midfield. The second half saw the Whites in the ascendancy. From a corner that was half cleared the ball was played back into the Unley box. Leachy (does he ever smile the ‘Gaffer’ asks) got the flick on and Alex was on hand to bury the header. Game on. Unley upped the tempo and the level of physicality but the Whites matched it and at times bettered it.

Unfortunately the Jellyfish decided that he had not had enough impact on the game already. Following a ‘love in’ between Alex and an Unley player who went down like he had just been slotted by a sniper, our resident Jellyfish saw what was no more than rough ‘fore play’ as something completely different and sent Alex off. In the ensuing ruckus that followed it was explained to me by said Jellyfish that it was ‘A dewiberate attack’. Hang on if that was deliberate, what was the assault in the first half and if he wants to go on about pre-meditated ‘dewiberate’ attacks then what happened at Pearl Harbour falls into that category.

Anyhow Unley continued to try and bully and out muscle our merry band of White but credit where credits due each and every man stood their ground. Unfortunately Unley sneaked a third goal after a corner was only half cleared and that’s how it finished. Three one but not disgraced.

If the C’s can keep the core of this team together then it wont be long before Dan G and his tribute band can belt out that famous Whites song .

Again written by Matt with Bocky editing

May 212013

Immanuel 1 – Uni Whites 1

Blue skies and sunshine according to the weatherman. My arse it was. Grey skies and a howling gale straight off the sea front greeted the Whites as they assembled for an early season bottom of the table ‘six pointer’ at Barrett Reserve.

Buoyed by the good showing in the second half last week against Sacred Heart despite the loss, the Whites were in fine spirits and confident mood. The only blemish on this was the no show of new signing Nicky Whiteside due to work commitments and having to travel back from Bongo Bongo Land. Mrs Bock was somewhat disappointed at this as she had put her hand up for dog sitting duties.

Coach Haralam (resembling a Mafia boss in his Merc) made a few minor adjustments to the starting XI with yours truly between the sticks, Ollie, Cam, Bocky and Matt G across the back, Johnson, Simon, Dan G, Luke and Manny in midfield and Faruiz up top. Our CEO Tim ‘Levandowski’, Dave ‘The Fro’ and Hamad started on the bench.

Having lost the toss, Immanuel opted to swap ends and play with the wind at their backs. Our instructions were simple keep the ball on the deck, play our passing game and batten down the hatches for the anticipated 45 minutes of wind assisted bombardment. We stuck to our plan well playing the ball around nicely without really threatening goal. Any time we did try and lift the ball over the top it travelled 20 yards further back towards our goal than it had travelled forward thanks to the wind.

Immanuel created very little until we conspired to make a hash of things at the back by failing to clear our lines, which presented their striker with a golden opportunity from 10 yards out and the resulting ball in the back of the net. Immanuel only managed one more shot on target in the half as some resolute and at time awkward defending cancelled any threat.

Midway through the half we lost Johnson to injury, after he was caught from behind. Coach Haralam, showing why he is paid the big bucks, immediately sent on the CEO Tim ‘Levandowski’ and made a tactical switch. Fairuz (speed, pace, guile and flair) was dropped into the centre of midfield and ‘Levandowski’ (built more for comfort than speed) pushed up top in the loan strikers roll. The Whites huffed and puffed against the wind with ‘Levandowski’ starved of service. 1-0 down at half time and the Whites hadn’t managed a shot on goal.

The second half saw a definite change in momentum. The Whites were firmly in the ascendancy and our short passing game began to tell. Coach swapped Ollie and Manny out on the left and replaced Dan G with ‘The Fro’. Chances started to be fashioned but like our season to date we failed to put one of them away. ‘Levandowski’ was causing all sorts of problems for the Immanuel back four with his pace (wind assisted/slight downhill slope), size and most evident his willingness to chase and harass lost causes. ‘Levandowski’ was like a man possessed in his commitment to the cause, with some even going as far as saying ‘He’s all over it like a fat man at an all you can eat buffet’.

From a short corner the Whites were level. ‘The Fro’ swung in an inviting cross to the back post and there was ‘Levandowski’ (under strict instructions to not do the scoring himself) rising like a (tin) of salmon  to let the ball hit him and and have fate make it fly/drop/bounce/bobble into the net. 1-1 and it was all Whites. Chances came and went. Immanuel struggled to break down a resilient Whites defence and were firmly on the back foot. Yours truly thought he had discovered the cure for insomnia in the second half such was the Whites dominance. Despite all efforts the final whistle saw the spoils shared. Disappointing in many ways not to take the three points but lots of positives to take into the next game against Mount Barker.

Written by Matt Hawyes with Kevin Bock having to edit his atrocious grammar (and probably missing something anyway)

Apr 232013

Sacred Heart 4 – 0 Uni Whites

After coming off a very disappointing loss the week before there was a definite air of apprehension for the clash against Sacred Heart who we though wouldn’t be as strong as Pembroke and were themselves coming off an 8 nil drubbing. Alas it wasn’t to be with an overall decent performance but poor finishing on our part. For the third week in a row we weren’t assigned a ref so Sacred Heart did the game.

After the lack of experience last week we welcomed back Cam, Chairman Lev and Matt Hawyes. I myself was particularly pleased by this as it brought a lot of extra noise to the pitch. The Pembroke game was decidedly quiet despite my best efforts. Matt H was the man in goal with Cam and myself in the centre. Matt G and Johnson were right and left back respectively with Simon as the defensive mid. Centre mids were Luke and Lev, with wide right being Matt G’s brother Dan and wide left Lee. Up front was Fairuz.

The first 15 or 20 minutes was a complete onslaught by Sacred Heart with the whites straight away on the back foot. Sacred Heart had a man Everest as their striker with their captain roving and up back they had a man mountain. So with Sacred heart attacking hard, and their height, our clearances would just pop straight back in and give them another go. They were particularly effective on the flanks being able to slip balls in behind on the left and doubling up on poor Matt on the right.

To be honest I can’t remember the first goal at all except that it came early and led to the complete dominance of Sacred Heart in those first 20 or so minutes. During this time they had about 8 or 9 corners in a row but with my marking efforts the man Everest only once got to the ball resulting in a solid save by Matty. During this period we were able to do some pass stringing but in general the team’s touch was horrible so the ball usually spilled back to them on or about halfway. The dominant period was largely ended when Matt H and I conspired to let me take a goal kick and I simply pumped it up the pitch. It had the desired effect of pushing Sacred Heart back and opened up more space allowing us to really start stringing some flowing passing moves together. We looked particularly dangerous on the left flank where Lee was able to find lots of space behind their Voldemort lookalike of a fullback. Unfortunately final balls were subpar or the first touch was poor leading to rushed or blocked shots. A few shots on target were not powerful enough to worry the keeper.

The second goal was sort of against the run of play as we had been largely in control of the game for 15 minutes or so. Cam had the ball on halfway and went to pass it back to me so we could go round the back but it was a tad too far in front and I was a bit flat footed as well. Their winger was able to beat Matt G to the loose ball and then my last ditch tackle attempt. To be honest Sacred Heart almost fluffed their chance as the winger didn’t take the shot but rather tried to pass someone else in (or Maty saved but I was still getting up so missed a little of the action) but the ball broke to man Everest after a scuffle and he slotted home.

So 2 down at halftime but in the game as we had been playing around them quite well with our short passes. Coach Chris did a Mourinho and made three changes replacing Dan G, Lee and Johnson with Manny, Jay and Ollie S respectively and this made an immediate impact as for the first 10 minutes or so of the 2nd half Whites were completely dominant but with some bad finishing attempts and excellent saves we conspired with their keeper to put up a bubble around the goal that persisted for the rest of the match. Jay was particularly excellent in this time having a bit more pace and confidence on the ball than Lee to exploit the space behind Voldemort. The third goal came from a fast break where we lost the ball in midfield and it broke to their captain who got lucky and had his well hit shot saved by Matt onto the post but then bounce off his back and in. Clearly all the luck was with Sacred Heart was the feeling by this stage.

About midway into the half they were awarded a penalty for a silly push by Matt G (although nowhere near as silly as Suarez biting Ivanovic). They squeezed it past Matt but we spotted that the ref hadn’t blown his whistle to say it could be done so we got him a second attempt but again it was squeezed past. By this stage I could see frustration in all the Whites, particularly as a bit of bias crept into the ref’s game and didn’t help our attitude. However, Luke won a penalty with good body placement resulting in something akin to picking up and throwing rather than just a push in the back. We all nominated Fairuz to take it as we had confidence in him but he fluffed it and resulted in a simple save for the keeper as the ball went about half a metre high and 1.5 metres to his right. Fairuz admitted after the game that he changed his mind just before striking as to where he was putting it so hopefully lesson learned.

So a game that truthfully we should have won by 3 or 4 goals ended up as another drubbing but plenty of positives as the Whites were largely in control of the game. Key points I at least noticed is that we need to be more physical from the start, particularly against the mountainous men we will encounter. Not rough, just stronger so that we aren’t pushed off the ball and the other team knows they’re under pressure. Fitness as well will be an issue for a while, but I can see the makings of a good team that just needs to get tougher in general  and learn to shoot with conviction.

Apr 232013

Uni Whites 2 – 1 North City

First off having been slack about this, the details have gone fuzzy and I can’t remember exactly when the goals came. It may also be biased to pumping up how well I played in my head!!!

With lots of young, newly recruited, largely unproven new blood, there was a very relaxed positive attitude before the game. Probably because no one knew what to expect so we weren’t stressing (a lesson we should try take into all future games).

The line up was a decent mix of veteran Uni White (used loosely) to new blood. New keeper Lim was protected by myself  and Cam in the centre, with Dimi and newbie Julio as the fullbacks. Chairman Lev strode in to take up the pointy role of defensive mid and had Fairuz and Luke as his centre mids. Wide midfielders were Manny (looking very uncomfortable at the start) and newbie Dan Gartner with Matt Mostak up front. With no official referee assigned we had A team coach Kevin strap on his whistle and take charge.

The first 20 minutes or so were a bit nervy with the whites struggling to settle and too inclined to go for the long ball. Unfortunately Julio and Dimi were under the pump with North City’s wide runners being pacier and supported by runners from midfield that weren’t quite being tracked, however Cam. Lev and I were largely able to keep the crosses/passes/cutbacks and cut in runs out.

The first goal came sort of against the run of play as there had been a short while of long ball wastes from the Whites followed by North City through ball attempts. I managed to cut out one through ball and after passing back to Lim and then receiving it back we got a classic short, triangle passing move going up the left flank with a final through ball from either Fairuz or Manny to Mostak who slotted into the lower far corner from near the left edge of the box. In total I believe it was about 10 passes all up. Great team goal done the Uni Whites way.

That goal led to largely overall domination from the Whites with the second coming from 3 or 4 short passes after a throw in. Mostak again with the same kind of finish. This happened fairly close to half time so in we went with the general momentum.

The second half was largely uneventful for the first 15 or 20 with the Whites largely on top and sticking to the short passing mostly but struggling to get the final ball and finish in. Newbies William, Lee, Matt Gartner and Hamad were given a run and slotted in wuite nicely with no real change to team dynamic. About 25 minutes in there was some kind of set piece, a free kick I think, that bounced just in front of Lim and the ball spilled out to hit me in the chest and then roll down my arm and Lim pounced on it to stop it rolling in. Penalty, although when the whistle was blown all of North City thought it was a pass back (they were all behind me) and were talking about their indirect plays. The small crowd of A players we had accumulated by this stage had no idea what was going on either and once I indicated it was hand ball against me the good natured ribbing started to make me feel better. I must say it was a great spot by Kevin who was perfectly positioned so kudos for that and also actually calling it, unlike almost all the other Club refs I know.

With the penalty duly converted it led to a panickier performance as most of the Whites started playing too hard for the goal rather than just going back to what had been working with the short passes. North City were playing with more fight as they had the sniff but in the end we held out for the win with a performance showing good signs for the future but plenty to work on as well with composure being one of the more important.

Thanks to Kev for stepping in and given us a proper ref