Long Nguyen

Mar 262014

Some might say the highlight of the 2010 season was the renaissance of our first team; having courageously held top spot for the first half of the season. Others have argued it was Crab’s amazing feats to re-engineer his body back to A grade.

I respectfully disagree.

As this millennium kicked on to double digits; the troops dirty from the toils of yester year’s battles and the WAG’s starving for fresh eye-candy… the so-called glamour might have gone a bit stale. But alas, the answer to our troubles lay in one-letter…G! (not to be confused with the ‘spot’).

With a drop of the shoulder and a swing of the left foot, defenders, goal-keepers and drunken hoes on Hindley Street are left with no reasonable chance of survival! Like a cultured aristocrat, G relies on copious amounts of French-Pussy (the drink, not to be confused with anything else), close ball control and frightening power to beat this opponent.

Having notched an amazing 13 goals in all competitions so far this season, time will tell just how far this one-letter man from the south of France will go.

It’s been reported that G is determined to keep his girls to goals ratio at 1:1 by end of season, to which he stated “I’ll have to score HEAPS more goals!”

Mar 262014

Edoardo ‘Eddy’ Rosso has carved up collegiate league defences in very much the same fashion as cyclone Larry to banana crops.

This Italian stallion of soccer made his mark this year in the B’s forward line, some say he wanted to make up for Fabio Grosso’s dive in the World Cup, others say he was looking for parmesan cheese and lost his way…

What we all know is that the man can play, like a ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ on crack with surgical scalpels, he rips through back lines with ferocious speed, skill and clinical finishing. Leaving hapless defenders sprawled in the fetal position with no sense of how, where and when…?

Edoardo Rosso, we love you (as long as you don’t get a red card, miss chances or bitch and moan after a game (too much)…)