Aug 152014

All games are at Barrett Reserve (West Beach) vs Immanual.

I want four wins. Anything else will mean you have not tried hard enough.

Wear your training tops if you can: Our Physio sponsors might be coming to watch some glamour.

A Team

Reserves: anoop, conan, simon, ellery
Emergency: emran

Out: Joe, Chris


B Team

Eug Jaf Paul Simon Kirsten Lewis Alex Emran Dan Ellery Arturo Ello Angelo Max (C’s After) Conan


C Team

Jacob if registered
Rob S
Crab Stix
Oscar if registered

Emergency: Cam

Matt G succumbed to the ebola virus
Matt B away
Dan G presumed dead after shirt incident
Juan heartlige


D Team

Pete A
James Z
Rob A


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Aug 152014

Uni Whites Strip (560x637)This is a chance to say thank you to those that support us now and those that have come before us and called this great club home.

All players are to attend. It is our last mid-season function before the run home. Each coach will be talking about what is required from our teams as we all push for either a title or runner up.

All teams are in great positions to bring home top two finishes. So lets get together and get behind the whole club: #oneteam

Note: We will also be announcing the first four rounds of the John Whitehouse medal. So make sure you know where you stand, you might need to impress the refs over the remaining games 🙂


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Aug 152014

On the 13th September 2014, we will congregate at our sponsor (the Prince Albert Hotel) for the Uni Whites night of nights.

Where we talk through and evaluate every round of the competition, until we get to the last round and crown our clubs, Best and Fairest Player for the season. Its a black tie affair, where the men suit up and the ladies get to put on their finest dress.

So make sure that you and your special lady or man friend save the date and come along for a great night of reliving the year gone by and counting votes until we have our winner.

And remember, any player from any grade has a chance of winning. It could be you…………..


Note: the first four rounds will be revealed at our Sponsors and Past players night on the 23rd August. So make sure you are there for that one.

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Jun 032014

An update from the GM/Chairman

A couple of quick messages for all of you to take in and savour. Listen up!

  1. Both our A and B team are currently sitting top of the table in Division 1. Great work fella’s and a good reward for everyone who has coached, played or supported over the first 6 rounds. It is evident that our coaches are creating an environment where players are hungry and really wanting to get on the pitch (training or game time) each and every week, while also having a bit of fun at the same time. It’s a great environment to be around. Let’s keep that feeling going and see if we can be in the same position after round 18.
  2. No training for C’s and D’s this week. We’ll communicate if we can find a pitch for a Thursday night kick around, so stay tuned. As more rain starts to fall, the pitches will become increasingly difficult to use without tearing them up. We’ll look at indoor sessions and try and limit the amount of wear and tear on the pitches. Check the website and Facebook for all of the latest information each week.
  3. The A team are playing in the Cup on Saturday (7th June). They are only team in action this weekend, so I expect everyone to get down there and support the boys as they make another cup run. The game starts 12.30pm at Park 10, as our South Pitch is being rested at the moment.
  4. Our annual Quiz night will be held on Sat 19th July.
    • This is our major fundraiser for the year and we need everyone at the club to make an effort. Bring your friends and family, it’s a great night out, or a great way to start your night out. Talk to Mel if you can donate prizes; talk to Bobby if you are going to organise a table.
    • All are welcome and if you aren’t on a table, come along anyway and we’ll find you one on the night.

If you have any footballing questions, talk to your coach. If you have any club questions, talk to me (or someone from the committee).

That’s It


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Mar 262014

It is said that if you stop and listen to the wind, you may just hear a change coming…….

This particular wind had an east coast odour (probably Tooheys) and red & green jim jams (from the South Sydney shop in Redfern) and almost blew straight into to the clutches of the blacks. It was only the keen nose of whites used to such strange eastern smells that guided his course and landed Dave a starring role at ‘Stade de White’.

Transferred from the tough Sydney amateur poker circuit to the trials and tribulations of the collegiate league, it has been a successful start to the season at right midfield for the man named Couri. Its no wonder he’s carving up the opposition when you look at his sheer speed and muscular physique, picture a stick man at half pace.

But as with all good men that turn their red blood cells to white, if you can’t find Dave chasing down opposition, sinking a couple with the boys after a game or working in the Uniwhites crèche, then you’re not looking hard enough.

Famous last words: “From this moment on, I’m not dipping my pen in the company ink or shitting in my own backyard”

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Mar 102014

UNI WHITES – Club information

Uni Whites play in the Collegiate Soccer League and are part of the Adelaide University Soccer Club.


Chris Gayen will be in charge of football at the club in 2014 and look after the A squad
Anthony Venditto will look after the B squad
Chris Haralam will look after the C squad.
Steve Bresolin will look after the D squad.

Team Managers
We will also have team managers allocated to our A, B and C teams to assist the coaches with their efforts at training and on game day. Frank Grauso – A and B Team Manager, Mel Bock – C Team Manager

In addition to this, Bobby has again been appointed ‘players advocate’ for 2014. If for any reason you do not feel comfortable discussing matters with your coach, please speak to Bobby or any member of the committee.


The Whites also have a committee which deals with both the social and football aspects of the club. It currently consists of Tim Levett, Joe Windows, Cam Hopgood, Graeme Jackson, Bobby Vidanage, Kirsten Staff and Mel Bock. Anyone is welcome to join the committee or offer ideas to the members relating to any aspect of the club.


Pre-season training is underway on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our home pitch behind the Uni. Pitch 2 on the website map).Be warmed up and ready to go by 6pm. Inform the coach if you can’t make training or will be late.

Training on Tuesday will be optional with Thursday night a mandatory night.

Pre- season Games

See the website for details including times and ground locations – www.uniwhites.com


Fees have been announced shortly for the 2014 season. For your fees, you get registration with the FFSA, insurance for injury, match referees, a training shirt (all players), club socks and shorts (new players only), football equipment and the chance to play for one of the greatest clubs in the world. It is seriously excellent value for money!

If you don’t pay your fees you won’t play. This will be strictly enforced no matter how good you are, or you think you are ☺


When you play for the Uni Whites certain things are required of you, which are set out below. These things are what make us who we are and will contribute to us enjoying our sport and being successful in what we do.

• Please listen to and respect the Coaches. No talking when the coach is talking.

• Arrive at the ground 45 minutes before the game you are playing in is scheduled to start.

• Only grasscats and runners are to be worn during pre-season

• The kit is washed by the players on a roster system. You will be expected to wash the kit once or twice a year.

• Nets are put up and taken down by the players. Please help by doing your fair share.

• Each club must supply a linesman in all games. All players should know the rules and be willing to volunteer to run the line.

• Please try to come for a social beverage after the game. Half the fun in playing is talking about how great you were on the pitch, after the game.

• The Club will hold a number of social events. All players should try and attend if possible. We have lots of fun and the mateship is really what it’s all about. If you have any ideas for a social event of any kind, see Kirsten.

All players must be registered and have payed their fees to be eligible for selection.

Please see the AUSC Guidelines for more information on standards and expectations.


All games are played on Saturdays. The B’s and D’s play at 1pm; the C’s and A’s play at 3pm. A list of all fixtures and ground locations for the league will be distributed when available. It will also be posted on the website.

Website – www.uniwhites.com
Facebook – Adelaide University Soccer Club White (Uni Whites)

Everything you may need to know throughout the season will be on the website or facebook, including squads, ground locations, kickoff times and social events. Squads will be posted on the website on Fridays. Please make sure you join and check these sites regularly.


Chris Gayen (A’s): 0438 760 844 Anthony V (B’s): 0423 726717
Chris Haralam (C’s): 0414 619997 Steve Bresolin (D’s): 0417 816 799
Frank Grauso (A & B): 0421 194811 Tim Levett (GM): 0422 405526

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Mar 072014

Welcome all of you new guys!

You have joined a great football club and found a great bunch of blokes (seriously, we do have some Arsenal supporters and one Forrest supporter, but they’re OK too).

All of the information you require can be found on this website, with latest news also posted on facebook. Facebook also has inane chatter from guys with nothing better to do than talk about football and question each others manhood.

Fee information is on the website, so get onto that. Registration information can also be found on this website, with a link to the FFSA registration page.

I have also linked an info sheet for new players, that spells out a couple of the important things concerning the club. This sheet also has numbers for coaches, so you can contact them concerning playing or training issues. Communicate with your coach as much as you possibly can. That way you will not miss out on selection.

Playing is one part of the Uni White experience, the other is hanging out with your team mates and the guys from our other teams. We are all one big family. We are sponsored by the Prince Albert Hotel and like to use their front bar as much as we can. So make yourself free for a beer after training or after the game on a Saturday.

There’ll be lots of opportunities to have some fun off the pitch throughout the year. Keep reading this website and facebook for more information

If you have any questions about the club throughout the season talk to me (Tim). I’m happy to answer all of your questions. If I don’t know the answer to your question I’ll make something up.

Welcome again, I hope you enjoy yourself!

Uni Whites General Manager

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Feb 272014

“Helping you pay, so you can play”

A 5 step guide on how to pay your Registration Fees online

1. Logon to your online banking website and select the money transfer option as required.

2. Input the Clubs bank account details:
Account Name: Adelaide University Whites Soccer Club
Account Number: 90239286
BSB Number: 805 050
Financial Institution: People’s Choice Credit Union (this credit union may not show up as a transfer option with your bank. You should also be able use a generic credit union bank reference, usually with CRU at the end)

3. Make sure your payment reference indicates your name. For example;
Reference: Joe Bloggs Registration Fee

4. Pay the correct amount for your situation:

Existing Players: (Fee’s include a training top)
Full time Students University of Adelaide – $170.00
Full time Students of University of South Australia or Flinders University – $200.00
All other existing players – $250.00

New Players: (Fee’s include Shorts, Socks and training top)
Full time Students University of Adelaide – $200.00
Full time Students of University of South Australia or Flinders University – $220.00
All other new players – $280.00

5. Press submit and print two copies of your payment transaction. Keep one for yourself and give the other to Mel, Tim or Cam when you next see them.

A late fee of $20 will apply if payment has not been received by April 1st 2014

Fees need to be paid asap or you may not be eligible to play. If you are in financial difficulties please see one of the committee on a private and confidential basis ASAP and a payment plan can be arranged at the discretion of Management.

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Sep 292013

Presentation Day!!!

Be there to see who takes home the Wez Reid Dunmmy Spit Award. Find out who is C’s Best and Fairest. All the highs and the lows.

You can’t miss it.

See the details in the Social Calendar tab on the right, or join the Facebook Event.

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Sep 132013

All teams are playing at home against Mercedes

A Squad starting at 3pm. Be there no later than 2.15pm.
Alex M

Chris n

B Squad starting at 1pm. Be there no later than 12.15pm.

George T.,
Paul k.,
Chris n.,
Matt g

C Squad starting at 3pm. Be there no later than 2.15pm.

Matt G (after B’s)

Ellery (after D’s)
Amos (if able to play after Bs)

D Squad starting at 1pm. Be there no later than 12.30pm.

Rob A
Dan G
Luke A

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