Jun 012014

Coffee, sundaymail sports page, now lets check the CSL scores. What! UniWhites a’s+b’s clear top of table. Yes, believe it! We are playing the best football in the league.

Yesterdays game was pivotal. We disposed of our nearest contender with 4 superb all class goals on their home ground. We hit xbar, post, unlucky not to get a penalty etc. Could have been 8 against the next best team to ours? The result message we sent out to the league will give us an edge for the rest of season. We have much to improve on yesterdays game and we let 2goals in. This improvement will be progressive if we continue to work at training. Light mist rain+ overcast. Cain thought he was back in summertime england and proceeded to give a midfield master lesson to the opposition. Scott, cut(near eye)- he wants back on field asap-all guts! Alex puts on a clinic in shooting for goal.

jose was all grit+ determination dispatching his opponent to ground who subsequently was carried back off the pitch. Crab was smiling yesterday + i think it was because we won and also the team bus got a badly needed wash courtesy of the light rain. At half time i heard some talk of wanting to park our bus on the pitch in front of dan but no. Thats what the opposition would have wanted. Now with the bus looking clean and the forwards all chanting attack, attack, attack, we had no choice but to go for more goals! Excellent win!

A big note: We will be having 1 or 2 of our usual starting players out of the a’s squad during next 2 games. I know whoever is selected to start those games will fit in very well and i expect no change to our game plan or style. We are confident that within our extended squad of 17, all are capable of interchanging. Our strength is our solid reserve depth. Enjoy today!

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May 262014

Pop! A Champage win to the a’s squad. All started with a pregame win when i had to evict a team from our changerooms. The game was like cooking sausages. It took 20minutes to start the bbq but from then on we did them slowly. 7 well cooked sausage goals. Goals where sticking to conan like flies. Good performance and our dividend is we have edged top spot by 1point. Cheers to all! The reality check is we need to improve areas of our game! Bad news for all opposition teams.

Crab will now step up training to prepare the squad for our next phase. We will continue to win if we continue to improve! Reserve+fringe players will need to step up+take their chance when asked+play with confidence, toughness+ expectation! You are all capable and selected on merit!

Last i heard, crab was seen in the early hours driving the team party bus from nightclub to nightclub singing the uni whites song!


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May 202014

Solid cup round win to a’s squad. From the moment jose asked crab for the keys of the team bus i knew something special was was going to happen. In the drivers seat, he drove some of us to an all you can eat+drink asado bbq event.

Post asado, all back on the bus for our cup round game. It was a typical scratchy cup tie vs a minow that contested well trying for an upset that was never going to happen. Jose said, give me the ball and proceeded to clinicaly kick 4goals. A world cup audition performance and surely now he should be considered as a genuine standby for argentina?

Unselfish+the team leader he is, jose decided to back off +give others a chance to score. Step in paul in his new carnival boots with a chance to make history for adidas. Very close and but, only if? I will have to check if asado is on the international prohibited substance list?

Good performance all subs+thanks kevinB.


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May 152014

Well done a’s squad. Our bus was running a bit rough early on and on our scheduled stop crab checked for faults and then continued driving maximum speed but we just missed out on arriving on time. We fell for their trap of intimidation 1st half and their tactics worked, putting us off our game. Big turnaround 2nd half by our group and a great effort by all eleven players. We will learn from this game.

Keeping another clean sheet is fantastic. This aspect of our team is fast becoming our main strength.

Thanks again to all reserve players.


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May 042014

Well done a’s squad, good game yesterday! Crab is now driving our winning bus flat out, no brakes. Get out of our way opposition teams. Our only stop will be at Jose’s place for an authentic Arg.bbq. What we would call a strategic team meeting. Good couple of weeks for us but we do have areas of our game that we need to improve and we need full attendance at training regardless of the weather.

Crab is focussed, he refuses to stop our bus. I say keep driving. We all need to invest in our own team to reap the dividends of a winning team.

Thanks conan, chris, emran, amir+ eugene. Enjoy! Well done b’s/anthony! We regroup next training session.


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Apr 272014

Excellent result a’s(+b’s) squad. The winning bus continues. Not a pretty game and we didnt meet our own expectations of play. Some games will be like that-conditions, opposition, form, injuries, referee etc. A good team adjusts to find a way to goal to win +we did that yesterday. We need to find a consistant game balance in the midfield 5 (attack/defence pressure)+ i know that will improve.

The first goal was a 100pct desire +determination play by jose-quality! (all started from defence) Dan the man wants to keep a clean sheet all year+ he’ll do whatever it takes with a couple of match saving stops+sharp stares-outstanding!

I could go down the list because all contributed +crab looks happy. Again thanks to all the reserves bench!

Winners enjoy today!


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