Sep 042019

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Players’ Choice Awards!

We’re not sure when or how we’ll present these, but the nominations will remain open for the John Whitehouse Medal this weekend.  Voting will commence shortly afterwards.

An example nomination is listed on the right of each category.

See Matches. Example:
  • Alan Evans 40 yard volley vs Immanuel
See Matches. Example:
  • Dan Aikin double save vs Immanuel in the cup
The best comment on or off the pitch. Example:
  • "Don't be a rotten strawberry" - The King
aka Best Social Media Post. Example:
  • Everyone ► Adelaide University Soccer Club White (Uni Whites)
    blah blah I'm too busy to write a match report #GenZ
Who lost it? Example:
  • Peds - at least once surely
Which player had the most obscure reason for missing a match? Example:
  • Ben Tran - didn't check FB
Who brought the best/most players to the club? Example:
  • Joe for recruiting Chop
  • C's wind-swept confetti celebration missing the mark
Who was on the sidelines all year, come rain or shine? Example:
  • Jules' Dad
Who was the most valuable player this year? You decide. Example:
  • Alex Tsirbas - cleared the schedule

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