Sep 132018


John Whitehouse Medal Adam Pedron
A’s Best & Fairest Matt Chan
A’s Team Man Amir Khasanov
B’s Best & Fairest Lewis Whittenbury
B’s Team Man Ian Begg
C’s Best & Fairest Ali Musa
C’s Team Man Dan Anthony
D’s Best & Fairest Al-moatasem Al-omrani
D’s Team Man Aaron Lucas
E’s Best & Fairest Wez Reid
Mohammed Alghusaini
E’s Team Man Bobby Vidanage
Drinking XI MVP Ollie Smith



Goal of the Year Jules Harris-Jansen
Alan Evans
Save of the Year Martins Elemo
Best Comment Mike Williams
James Reilly
Best Match Report Matt Bate
Wez Reid Dummy Spit Award Adam Pedron
Most Obscure Absentee Jorge Lopez Fernandez
Best Recruiter Steve Bresolin
Moment of the Year B’s 8 – 0 Mercedes
Supporter of the Year Pepe
Players’ Player of the Year Courtney Davis


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