May 162018

Result: Whites 8 – 0 St Pauls

Cup Round 2 saw Whites 1B faced St Pauls 3B and also saw the return of the Jon George to the 2018 season. The midfield had a few sloppy mistakes in the first half but completely dominated possession with Lewis, Yeni kept ticking the game along, keeping them nailed back defending their 18 yard box. Oly opened the scoring with an intelligent run in behind to slot the first. Still need to work on delivery wide into the box it seems, though Joe did come up with an excellent cross which Jon  slightly miss timed his header ,still hitting the target. He would make up for it in the second half. One scare came as Martins came out but didn’t collect just before half time, producing St Pauls only  only real shot. Although we should have probably put a few more away in the first half by dominating possession and wearing the opposition down, the second half would open up as we starting to press forward and become a bit more direct knowing they would struggle to counter. 7 further goals would follow as the wide players made some more intelligent runs and crosses in the second half. Of note Joe Windows scored 2 goals, 1 from foot and the other a nice header at the back post. Jon finished with 4 as Ellery watched on wishing he could smack a few in I’m sure. Crab came in to grab an assist and play the holding midfield role and I tried to dribble as many players as possible and not cut back for Bate. Sorry Bate’s I owe you one. Alli got forward and slotted to complete the 8-0 win. St Pauls played in good spirit knowing they were a little out gunned in this one. Best on the day JonG, Yeni JR, and Joe in the second half.

– Alan Evans

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