Jun 282016

We need match reports, and writing them is now easier than ever! To add a report directly to the new website, all you need to do is login (see “Website Login” or “Login via Facebook” links on the right). To add a match report click on +New at the top of the screen (which will start a new post).

Write your report, making sure you (a) select the match at the top right, and (b) set the category to ‘Match Reports’ (also on the right). Click ‘Submit for Review’ and then, all we need to do is approve it.  It will then appear on the front page, and on the match page itself. Easy.

The report itself doesn’t need to be long – even one paragraph is enough, just for posterity.

The same applies to Quotes of the Week and Player Profiles.  Just select the correct category.  For player profiles, select the player at the top right.

The last 5 posts in each category will show at the bottom of the front page (bottom left). To read older posts, see the ‘Read Posts’ section on the bottom right.

Any questions, just ask.

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