Jun 212015

Last year I wrote about how the tables had turned for the Whites vs Rostrevor: 9 points by far our best aggregate result against them. This year it’s Mercedes turn, and the stats are far more impressive. We bagged 10 points with 3 wins and a draw, a mighty 15 goals scored, and 7 conceded.

Our next best return against Mercedes on any one match day was only three points. Three. Just one win from 2, 3 or 4 matches. It’s an understatement to say that they’ve had the wood on us since at least 2003. So 7 pts more than our next best effort, and also the first time we’ve scored more than Mercedes over the day.

This was a great display by our four teams, with a special mention to Steve Bresolin’s D’s who just 3 years ago lost 13-0 to the same opposition. Steve wanted to take a 3-0 forfeit before the match. How times have changed.

We haven’t played this well vs Mercs since a 7-2 thrashing clinched the league for the Whites in 1992. And yes, that’s a sprightly Jan Pfitzner in the mix.

Go to YouTube to watch more clips of the match.

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  1. As an ex-player I would like to thank you for the warm glow I received when I opened up the Sunday Mail this week. Two thumping wins against Mercedes. Dreams come true.


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