Mar 132015

NOTE GROUND CHANGE: Park 17 – South Parklands

Any questions re selections, contact your coach.

Remember to signup to TeamApp so you get Squad notifications, and can post when you are unavailable.

Bring shinpads, white shorts and socks if you can.  Shirts are provided.

C’s – be there no later than 1:15pm (kickoff 2pm)

(1) Big Dan
(2) Cam
(3) Jacko
(4) Bockie
(5) Ian
(6) Damo
(7) Leo
(8) Stewie
(9) Chris
(10) Ian Hendrie Jnr
(11) Fairuz
(12) Harold
(13) Mike (new)
(14) Seb
(15) Matt B
(16) Crab???
(17) Nick???
(18) Dan???

Unavailable: Burwa / Rob / Ewan / Hubi

D’s – be there no later than 11:15am (kickoff 12pm)

All players who trained with the D’s this week welcome to try out

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