Jun 092014


  • Training is optional for the A’s.  If you are keen to train twice, join Anthony’s B’s session.
  • No training for the C’s.
  • The D’s are training indoor at ICA Sportzworx in Stepney. Be there at 6.15pm for some 5 a side fun!

Wednesday: Hawyes’ All Stars are playing SAPOL at 7:15. Be there 6:15 if you are listed below:

  • Matt Hawyes
  • Juan Pablo Livore
  • Jack O Stevens
  • George Maratos
  • Campbell Hopgood
  • Max Soulsby
  • Matthew Bate
  • Leandro Lopez Digon
  • Sean Nunan
  • Adam Mario
  • Alex Tsirbas
  • Richard Harris
  • Lewis Whittenbury
  • Matt Gartner
  • Crab Sticks
  • Daniel Gartner
  • Ollie Smith
  • Cain Christoforou
  • Jose Morea
  • Kevin Bock


  • No official training for the C’s – but you would be welcome with the D’s if you still want to train.

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