Jun 222014

Cup round this week – so there’s only a match for the A’s: now SATURDAY 2:30pm at Sacred Heart.    Support from the rest of the squads will be greatly appreciated!  We are playing Sacred Heart – and many of you should recall how much fun it can be in the crowd when we’re playing them!


  • Training is compulsary for the A squad, plus the following: Chris N, Alan, Sean, Emran, Ellery, Paul K, Lewis (or Matt H), and any other B’s wanting to join in.
  • The training will be indoor at ICA Sportzworx in Stepney. Be there no later than 6.15pm.
  • No training for the C/D’s.


  • Dinner at the Prince Albert Hotel from 7pm – all invited.
  • No training for any squads.


  • Cup Quarter Final: A’s vs Sacred Heart
  • Kickoff 2:30pm

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