Apr 052014

4 wins from 4.  Doesn’t sound familiar does it?  Ok, it’s only round 1 of the cup, but:

  • This is only the second time we’ve won all 4: the first back in May 2012 against Regency and Immanuel.
  • 33 goals scored – the most we’ve ever scored on a matchday – 15 more than our next highest back in round 1 of the cup 2012.
  • 1 goal conceded – the least we’ve ever conceded with 4 teams.

4 teams into the second round.  Well done Whites.

That’s it.

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  2. Congrats to all teams
    Nice way to start a season, and nice way for our debutant players and coaches to kick off as well

    That’s it!

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