Squads for Trials Sat 8/3/14

Posted on 7 March, 2014 in Squads & Match Day by wojindows

Any questions, contact your coach!

Coach’s Comments:

  • Will be hot so bring lots of Gatorade 1L, water 2L min and some snacks for players doubling up.
  • Hydrate the day before with lots of carbohydrates to hold the fluid in.
  • No beer after 12.00 the night before. Visibly hung over players will not play first team.

Frank & I will try and get along to watch some of the C Grade game to see if any new guys are first squad material to let them feel the love.

Enjoy, we are playing for bragging rights for another year.

C/D’s Note!

If you are marked as (new) please post here to confirm your attendance or unavailability.

Extras are players who we were unsure about or didn’t have room for this time. Feel free to come and watch C and D teams, bring your gear just in case, you may get a run if someone else is a no show.

Apologies to anyone we have forgotten! please post here and at the very least we can add your name to the Extras list

First Team – Uni Blacks Trial Game Sat 8/3/14 – 4.45pm
Studs ALLOWED, Be there 4.00pm

Rob Y/Cain/Gabe

SUBS: Amir (after B’s)/Titus (after B’s)/Jon G (after B’s)/Simon (after B’s)/ Dan A(after B’s)

OUT: Christian (in Victor Harbor)

Reserve Team (First Squad) – Uni Blacks Trial Game Sat 8/3/14 – 3.00pm
NO Studs Allowed – DON’T BE LATE, Be there 2.15pm

Dan A
Matt B/Simon C/Titus

SUBS: Amir/Jon G/Stewart S/Alan E/Leo/Daniel O/Lewis/Fairuz (after C’s)/Ellery (after C’s)

OUT: Dan G (work)/Anthony (Coach) Work

Kirsten to Captain / George T (knee) to assistant Coach with Frank G.

C Grade – Uni Blacks Trial Game Sat 8/3/14 – 1.10pm
NO Studs Allowed – DON’T BE LATE, Be there 12.25pm

George M
Harry M
Fairuz (then B’s)
Ellery (then B’s)
Adam H (New)
Liv (New)
Tao (New) (not sure on spelling!)
GM Lev

OUT: Nick W, Matt H, Jacko (new), Matt G, Bocky, Ollie S, Alex Tsarbis, Cam H, Saf

D Team – Unley Trial Game Sat 8/3/14 – 11.00am
DON’T BE LATE, Be there 10.25am
Playing at SAWSA Park, Greenhill Road

Mikey W
Rob A
James B
Shrubsy (new)
Michael 1 (new)
Ronaldo (new)
Daniel (new)
Josh (new) (Ollie and Dimi’s mate)
Michael 2 (new) (Ollie and Dimi’s mate)
Saber (new)
Carlos (new)
Tom (new)

EXTRAS – Alister G, Adi, Eddie, TK, Justin, Lee, Hampus, Rob, Dev

OUT: Luke A

Comments on 'Squads for Trials Sat 8/3/14' (8)

  1. Richard Bobby says:

    Good luck all!
    please remember to confirm availability if marked (new)

    1. Richard Bobby says:

      there’s a map of where SAWSA park is, in the ‘preseason dates’ box near the top right hand corner of this page!

  2. Michael Kalinowski says:

    Will be there.

  3. Fairuz says:

    Im out. Still injured.

  4. carlos beteta says:

    Will be there…

  5. Jay Pahirdin says:

    Just coming back from oversea. Is any team short on a player for tmr?!

  6. amos says:

    Unfortunate, wont be able to play ……….. studs, injury, …
    Good luck though….might come around to cheer

    J.L Amos

  7. Jan says:

    Jan is playing tennis 8/3 and will not be at the Uni WHites trial match.
    Steve B is informed via fb.

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