Mar 262014

1996: Joins Whites with Phil & Marty after being transferred along with the Yak & Marty from the Mighty Swindon Swans (Flinders Uni 5-a-side champs 1994-96). Dyes hair white and stars in Cult movie by Cult Director and all round nice guy Richie Coburn.

1997-2001: Decides that he has run out of Adelaide chicks and must meet more international ladies. Takes particular liking to the Scandy flavour. Resides in the UK and USA and after being involved with rogue trader Mr Nick ???? he flees (Christopher Skase style) back to Adelaide.

2002-03: Takes up role as donkey left back reluctantly, but shines as midfield wingman, providing excellent support on and off the field. Proud to be a white and is almost always last man standing at Mojos or after game bevies.

Simon Capp: The first Australian ever to be kicked out of the only Irish pub in Spain, on St Patrick’s Day (1998).

“Wow, geez thats a nice fence” – Marty, Graeme and Steve Saf on discovery of Cappy’s girlfriend patting the dog over the fence at Saf’s 21st birthday

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