Mar 262014

Sab arrived at the whites with a clouded past some time in the last 2-4 years. As with so much of Sab’s career, the details are hazy… Is this because, as many presume, Sab is in actual fact a former KGB spy, now working for the Australian government as a counter terrorist operative? Or maybe just because no one has actually bothered to ask Sab if he’d played soccer anywhere before…?

I think the real answer is because he’s constantly bloody smoking goddamit!… You can’t see the bugger through the continual cloud of thick white smoke that follows him everywhere! No one is keen to get close enough to him to ask him any soccer related questions! You’ll probably die of passive smoking before closing to within ten feet of him! And who’d want to be a spy for the Australian Government anyway…

On a more serious note, Sab’s been with the club for a few seasons now, sometimes pulling a Benny Barratt & going AWOL, but mostly showing dash and silky skill for 20 to 30 minutes before collapsing with severe lung failure, but the man earns much props from me, because he’s always around the traps, never far from the esky, and you can’t do much better than that…

And what about that goal against Pembroke eh???


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