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Posted on 20 March, 2014 in Admin by wojindows

All players must register online.  To register with the Uni Whites, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the My Football Club Player Registration page
  2. If you have previously played for the Whites, or any another FFA club (including juniors), you already have an FFA number:
    1. If you know your FFA number, select the first option.
    2. Otherwise, select the second option to find it.
    3. If you cannot find your FFA number or retrieve your password, contact the Whites, or your previous club.
  3. If you have never played for an FFA club, select the third option to create an FFA number.
  4. Please update your contact details including email and emergency contact.
  5. Registration Details:
    • Club: Adelaide University Soccer Club White (14010)
    • Choose Manual Payment
  6. You do not need to add a photo.
  7. No payments are required online – choose manual payment.
  8. If you need help, follow the Self Registration Guide.

Ignore any invoice you get from the FFSA. We pay this amount on your behalf.

Comments on 'Player Registration' (3)

  1. Dimi says:

    What’s the go with the payment section? I’ve just looked through the PDF guide – do we just select to receive an invoice as we give the money to the club or is their just no payment required online? cheers

    1. wojindows says:

      No payments are required online – choose manual payment. I’ll update the instructions.

      1. Dimi says:

        too easy. cheers mate

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