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UNI WHITES – Club information

Uni Whites play in the Collegiate Soccer League and are part of the Adelaide University Soccer Club.


Chris Gayen will be in charge of football at the club in 2014 and look after the A squad
Anthony Venditto will look after the B squad
Chris Haralam will look after the C squad.
Steve Bresolin will look after the D squad.

Team Managers
We will also have team managers allocated to our A, B and C teams to assist the coaches with their efforts at training and on game day. Frank Grauso – A and B Team Manager, Mel Bock – C Team Manager

In addition to this, Bobby has again been appointed ‘players advocate’ for 2014. If for any reason you do not feel comfortable discussing matters with your coach, please speak to Bobby or any member of the committee.


The Whites also have a committee which deals with both the social and football aspects of the club. It currently consists of Tim Levett, Joe Windows, Cam Hopgood, Graeme Jackson, Bobby Vidanage, Kirsten Staff and Mel Bock. Anyone is welcome to join the committee or offer ideas to the members relating to any aspect of the club.


Pre-season training is underway on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our home pitch behind the Uni. Pitch 2 on the website map).Be warmed up and ready to go by 6pm. Inform the coach if you can’t make training or will be late.

Training on Tuesday will be optional with Thursday night a mandatory night.

Pre- season Games

See the website for details including times and ground locations –


Fees have been announced shortly for the 2014 season. For your fees, you get registration with the FFSA, insurance for injury, match referees, a training shirt (all players), club socks and shorts (new players only), football equipment and the chance to play for one of the greatest clubs in the world. It is seriously excellent value for money!

If you don’t pay your fees you won’t play. This will be strictly enforced no matter how good you are, or you think you are ☺


When you play for the Uni Whites certain things are required of you, which are set out below. These things are what make us who we are and will contribute to us enjoying our sport and being successful in what we do.

• Please listen to and respect the Coaches. No talking when the coach is talking.

• Arrive at the ground 45 minutes before the game you are playing in is scheduled to start.

• Only grasscats and runners are to be worn during pre-season

• The kit is washed by the players on a roster system. You will be expected to wash the kit once or twice a year.

• Nets are put up and taken down by the players. Please help by doing your fair share.

• Each club must supply a linesman in all games. All players should know the rules and be willing to volunteer to run the line.

• Please try to come for a social beverage after the game. Half the fun in playing is talking about how great you were on the pitch, after the game.

• The Club will hold a number of social events. All players should try and attend if possible. We have lots of fun and the mateship is really what it’s all about. If you have any ideas for a social event of any kind, see Kirsten.

All players must be registered and have payed their fees to be eligible for selection.

Please see the AUSC Guidelines for more information on standards and expectations.


All games are played on Saturdays. The B’s and D’s play at 1pm; the C’s and A’s play at 3pm. A list of all fixtures and ground locations for the league will be distributed when available. It will also be posted on the website.

Website –
Facebook – Adelaide University Soccer Club White (Uni Whites)

Everything you may need to know throughout the season will be on the website or facebook, including squads, ground locations, kickoff times and social events. Squads will be posted on the website on Fridays. Please make sure you join and check these sites regularly.


Chris Gayen (A’s): 0438 760 844 Anthony V (B’s): 0423 726717
Chris Haralam (C’s): 0414 619997 Steve Bresolin (D’s): 0417 816 799
Frank Grauso (A & B): 0421 194811 Tim Levett (GM): 0422 405526

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