Mar 262014

Club Veteran, loud mouth, Crows Magazine subscriber and original trouble maker on the side-line, Graeme or Gra-heemie joined the club when the whites were the greys. The Team may have faded in colour, but this white is no fading wall flower. Thought to be sponsored by Coopers, he can be often seen on the side line having a coldie and cheering on the whites while following his footy teams on the ‘tranny’.

Greame is an easily recognisable character, not just for his non-slender, non-athletic physique, but, as any blind man will contest, because he never shuts up. Saturday afternoon wouldn’t be the same if the man in black wasn’t copping a spray. Greame holds the honour of receiving a card from the sideline for his efforts – it is a miracle that the whites aren’t involved in more scraps.

Despite taking almost a decade to score for the whites (insert sexual innuendo), Graeme holds many honours, one being the position of Vice Captain of the Drinking XI; a title well deserved by many fine wingman performances, one particular at the stag with those 2 very close girl friends.

“A truly modest individual who thinks with the extra 30kg he is carrying deserves a position in the A’s line up and writes his own profile”

That’s it.

“He’s the worst referee in the league” – Graeme every Saturday

Profile 2: by Graeme Jackson (2001)

A coach who can only be described as calm, rational and easy going. Loves referees and strikers who shoot from impossible angles instead of squaring the ball. Loves Wez to back heel the ball and try impossible flicks. Also loves hearing people whinge about John, as he is not a friend of his, or a person willing to take on responsibility when all some can do is complain.

As a player, was a silkily skilled left sided midfielder until he sacrificed his career for the club. Scored a brilliant goal in one of two on field appearances this year. Is looking to play and not coach next year and so should add some much needed class, glamour and an attitude which is all in the spirit of the game.

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