Campbell “Grandpa Boing” Hopgood

Posted on 26 March, 2014 in Player Profiles by yak

1998: Joins the Whites after being expelled from the Riverland league for one too many career ending tackles. Initially starts in the B’s but makes a few A’s appearances and begins to shine.

1999: In & out of the first team, establishes his hard-man image with yellow cards in the cup semi final AND final (less than 10 minutes) on the way to Collegiate Cup Glory.

2000-2003: After the dual retirement of Eric & Shacky (2nd oldest defensive unit in the collegiate league), Cam takes over as key defender & hard man, observers note ‘Plenty of Intensity!’ Invites younger brother Stuart Hopgood to the squad. Instantly obvious that ‘playing the man & not the ball’ runs in the family.

Whites Career: Matches: 87. Opposition players injured: 68

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