Mar 262014

Bill was appointed the Uni Whites senior coach in January 2010. Bill played professionally in the 70’s after representing South Australia from under 14s through to under 23s. He also played for the Uni Blacks and coached various Adelaide University teams.

After three months in charge, Bill was unable to continue in his position at the Whites due to illness. Bill died the following September.

Although he was only with the Whites a short time, he will not be forgotten by those who had the honour of playing under him.

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  1. I could add much more to what Joe posted regarding Bill Barbari but two things are worth mentioning.
    He made his 1st team debut for Campbelltown v Cumberland at the age of 14 and was selected and played one game for the state senior men’s side at Hindmarsh at the age of 15. This would give you some indication of the skill he possessed to commence his pro career in a mens first team at age 14, something that was unique back then and would be unheard of today.

  2. Although I spent a small amount of time with Bill, his dedication to sitting in a chair watching training meant a lot to me. He smiled with approval and encouraged me to push the Whites to be more than a great team but the best team! . Credit goes to him for his ground work in leading the Uni whites to change their style and philosophy of playing . It did leave a pathway for me to coach without resistance to the style and build a structure which has led to a continued football approach to possession football and the glamour flair in which whites are renown for!

    Dedication to Bill was the Unley Game in which a 7-1 win to Uni whites with some of the most thrilling goals scored that day.
    A wonderful guy who always will be remembered.

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