Mar 282014

A squad vs Norwood away – be at Athelstone Recreation Reserve by 11:45

Paul K,
Daniel Ong,
Alex M,
Alex T,
Steve B,
Chris N

+1 after B game

Scott (interstate)
Amos (injury)
Simon (injury)
Amir (injury)
Superman – Away

B squad vs Norwood away – be at Athelstone Recreation Reserve by 9:45

Got a ring in for keeper so don’t need Eugene.
Expect everyone there 9.45, 10 we start the warm up. Anyone that’s late will be singing a song to the rest of the boys at training during the week

Crab (?)
Matt B

C squad vs Rostrevor away – be at Torrens Valley Sports Ground by 12

If running late, unable to play or need a lift call or text your coach 0433857155.

Matt G
Nick W
Bocky (after B Game)
Kirsten (after B game)
Max S
Shaun (after B game)
Adam H
Matt (new)

Ben Bol Bol Bol Bol Bol Bol Bol Bol Bol
Lewis (after B Game)
Stewie Smith (after B game)

Crab (not good enough)
Dan G (touring with One Erection)
Carlos (injured please confirm?)
Luke A (dislocated shoulder)

D squad vs Rostrevor away – be at Torrens Valley Sports Ground by 10.15am

Apologies for misspelt names. Apologies to anyone we have forgotten about. If you are available but not named above, please post here, and we can at least add you as an extra in case anyone else pulls out. If you are named but unavailable get in contact with your coach ASAP.

Lim (then Cs)
Rob Alberton
James B
Olly (spelling??)
Rafiq (spelling??)
English Tom

+ Whoever else Bres spoke to at the Season Launch

Unavailable: Adi, Glyn

Mar 262014

With Cobra forces the world over defeated – but for how long? – Scotty “Sergeant Slaughter” thought it was time to put his training into use and give unsuspecting Collegiate league defenders some of the “tough stuff”. Proving you can take the boy out of the army but you can’t take the army out of the boy, in his short stint as a White he can be heard across any field on any given Saturday barking orders at unsuspecting “glamour” defenders who he feels are not giving their all. Opposition attackers also beware as Scotty takes out your legs like you are nothing more than a “civilian”

So as the Sergeant runs onto a field near to you, with the verses of Metallica’s “wherever I may roam” blazing through our heads, we are reminded of why we needed Scott at the whites. This free spirited midfielder is not confined by the word “structure” or “formation” much like the Army, he will be wherever he is needed or wherever there is a resource that we may want.

Rumour has it that Action figures will be available just in time for Christmas, so get in quick.

Mar 262014

“Had it covered…” For close to a decade this catch cry could be heard at the Stadium of White. It was usually said by Steve, and nearly always just after an opposition striker had rattled a stinging shot against the cross bar or flicked a header just over. Whilst his comments were often questionable, his keeping rarely was, as Steve was the Uni Whites number 1 keeper during the ‘Golden Age’ of the whites.

Steve possessed safe hands & a good soccer brain (not to mention chicken legs), and this was enough to ensure he was the Uni Whites Number 1 during the successful Collegiate cup campaigns of 1996 & 1999. Steve left the club some time around 2000, as goal keeping was beginning to take its toll on his body & he looked for new challenges.

He was soon at the USA Comets & it was for this club that 2 very memorable moments occurred. The first was Steve coming off the bench for USA and netting 2 goals AGAINST the whites in a 3-2 loss, while the 2nd occurred while Steve was the unfortunate man in goals when Graeme Jackson finally broke his 8 year scoring drought, and after scoring kissed Steve who was kneeling after missing the save.

This year though, Steve is back where he belongs – the Uni Whites, some times deputising in goals & other times making important cameo’s in the Whites defence & midfield. “Had it covered”! Indeed.

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Mar 262014

The best British football export to our fair continent since Peter Beardsley played two matches in the domestic league, this tall wunderkind from Leeds has adoring Whites fans everywhere holding their breath when he’s on the pitch.

Self-critical of his own skills and one of the tallest players in the team, he naturally rates heading the ball as one of the weaker aspects of his game.

Like a plucky George Best he has also toyed with the odd liver or kidney transplant, but has so far been unable to get a week off from the Drinking XI.

Hard to understand, because he pronounces his words correctly, Ryan mostly communicates through an interpreter which has only added to his already growing legendary status in the Whites Hall of Fame.

The Next Generation of Glory is upon us.

Mar 262014

It’s been a long & arduous road to the Stadium of White for this relative newcomer – who took up the beautiful game at the tender age of 5. With a playing history that includes stints at Salisbury City, Fulham Utd & Western District Toros – Ryan truly feels he has found a home within the family-friendly club. Seems the mighty “Junior Whites” squad has found a couple more recruits…

Ryan’s attacking flair has seen him begin to form an intimidating partnership with fellow front man – Chris Baxter. This duo is sure to cause a few defence lines some nightmares in the months to come.

A man whose football idols include such legends as Rooney, Ronaldo & our very own Jim Muir (way to wrap the coach!) – Ryan is looking to remain injury-free & instil a “legacy of success” in the squad.

Glad to have you aboard tiger…

Dave talks to Ryan:

Your age now?

Your age when you first started playing football?
Tender age of 5

likes – anything soccer, dislikes – anything not soccer

Right or left footed?
Right footed

Previous football clubs?

  • 2007 Uni Whites
  • 2006-07 Western District Toros (joined aged 22 – never actually played a proper match with them due to first year with club sustaining calf injury, then losing my license for various speeding offences, something I’m proud to say I do not do any more, and then having our second child, all in the space of about a month),
  • 1998-99 Fulham United (aged 15 playing in the adult team – was quite a buzz to be that young and still getting subbed on to play in an adult environment),
  • 1995-96 Salisbury City White (joined aged 11),
  • 1991-94 Elizabeth Vale Hornets (joined aged 8),
  • 1988-90 Elizabeth Grove Juniors (joined aged 5)

Favourite line or saying?
Imagine all the AFL players of yesterday and today, and now take away footy and imagine that instead they were introduced to soccer, what quality our country would have!!

Preferred position?
Striker, attacking midfielder, right winger

Favourite players?
Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Fernando Torres, Jim Muir (Whites coach – I personally think he’s the best I have ever had the pleasure of being coached by)

Your most proud Whites moment so far?
I’m two games in since I joined 3 weeks ago, nothing spectacular has happened for me yet.

Describe yourself in just one sentence…
Simply mad about soccer, my gorgeous family, and to achieve the most so I can leave a legacy of success wherever I go.

Mar 262014

Richie has been an integral part of the Whites team in the club’s most successful period ever. This three time championship and two time cup winner shot to international prominence when Commentator extraordinaire, Martin Tyler, anticipated his magnificent Unley goal with his prophetic commentary of England’s ill-fated 2-2 penalty loss to Argentina in France 98.

The words “he could put Scholes in, but he’s going his own way…Michael Owen” are transparent in their metaphoric prophecy of a greater occasion. Substitute “Scholes” for “no one” and “Michael Owen” for “The Don” and Martin Tyler’s true message becomes plain to see for all soccer lovers everywhere.

Richie’s other passion is film making… oh and playing the guitar…wait and developing music tracks on the computer… and DVDs…and reading…and telling other people about his goals…and listening to other people talk about his goals…and showing his goals to others on video.

The opinions about his sarcastic wit are divided. He believes it to be a humoristic expression creating a brighter tomorrow for our world, while everyone else puts him on a par with Steve Guttenberg’s finest moments in Police Academy 1-23, Can’t Stop the Music and The Big Green.

Some say that his legendary speed was developed through necessity to compensate for his instinctive fear of steering wheels and all related documents, but this is surely only a rumour.

Having been featured in The Advertiser for his groundbreaking Kraut Hop short film “Coming from Behind”, the plucky Don moved on to a gritty portrayal of the inner city ghettos of Adelaide in “5 Down”. This West-Side production is sure to make the government aware of the fictitious plight of illegal soccer players in the projects. Word to the Don.

Richie recently equalled the magnificent Van Stevelroy’s club record of six goals in a match against our arch enemies, the Blacks. His humble attitude was exemplified by his short press conference: “Everyone else has been talking so much about it, I haven’t had to yet.”

However, we are sure that when the other players are starting to forget it, he will serve us with a timely reminder, such as this one, which will seamlessly enter the conversation:

“So your new girl-friend’s name is Claire? Wow, what a coincidence! She’s got six letters in her name. That reminds me of the time someone scored six goals against the Blacks. Who was that again? Wait a minute. Don’t tell me. Yeah, it was me. Dude, that’s spooky.”

The trouble with the Don is that he is just a very nice guy, so even defenders can’t be mad at him. As he takes the ball away, turns twice, flicks it past them and puts it into the far corner, their eyes light up like children who have seen a Christmas tree for the first time. They just feel privileged to have been a part of it all. In fact they can hardly wait for the final whistle, to go home and tell their girl-friends that the Don put a hat-trick past them and as they fall asleep that night, they can both dream of the man, who has become a legend, but is still a man – The Man from Uni River.

“After I’d scored four goals, it became kind of embarassing” – Richie

Mar 262014

Robby is possibly the only player in the Whites fold, who could pick up chicks by mentioning a decent soccer club he has previously played for (ie. Adelaide City). A man who seemingly will not age, he quickly gave away his secret identity by wearing his trademark green tracksuit pants for every practice session.

Yes, he is the Green Lantern of fiction. However, as we all know his ring is much less important than his elbows or knees, which truly have magical powers. After all, is it coincidence that all Coolegiate League referees know him by his first name? Surely not.

Robby’s main strength is encouraging younger players. The dulcet tones of his voice gently remind them of their defensive duty and in the years he has worn the paper colours, no one has ever heard a rash or harsh word pass his lips.

He is also well known for his positive attitude to fair play. If an attacker has managed to work his way around his corner shop of elbows, Robby is happy enough to applaud his efforts and would never think of taking him down, if he couldn’t reach him.

The pasta machine is a credit to Italy’s heritage of soccer greats. However, many are still puzzled by his perfect heading in his own box which is in stark contrast to his shoulder wobbles when he is aiming for goal.

Stanley Matthews may have played for Blackpool in his fifties, but it is widely predicted that Robby will play for the As until we need to wheel him on the pitch and then it may be time for him to step down to the Bs.

Robby’s coaching clinics as part of the Whites junior development have been very successful. “Play the man, even if you do have to play the ball” has become the motto of many hopeful youngsters and it’s great to see Robby giving back to the community in this way.

Bello calcio, bello Robby.