Oct 172013


A’s Best & Fairest Rob Yeomans
A’s Team Man Anoop Singh
B’s Best & Fairest Titus Yap
B’s Team Man George Tan
C’s Best & Fairest Emmanuel Njuguna
C’s Team Man Kevin Bock
D’s Best & Fairest Jan Pfitzner
D’s Team Man Chad Hill
Drinking XI MVP Scott Penfold



Goal of the Year Zidan Lee
Best Comment George / Callum
Best Match Report Matt Hawyes
Wez Reid Dummy Spit Award Kevin Bock
Most Obscure Absentee Joe Windows
Best Recruiter Bobby Vidanage
Moment of the Year A’s 6-0 win over SHOC
Supporter of the Year Mel Bock
Players’ Player of the Year Titus Yap

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