Aug 162013

A Squad vs UniSA at home. Starting at 3pm, be there no later than 2.15pm.

Rob Y

Gabe (after B’s)
Amos (after B’s)
Alex M (after B’s)
Carlos (after B’s)
Kirsten (if he’s not a Dad)

The groundsman is letting us play one game today. That will be the A game. The other three games are cancelled. None of the other teams have suitable grounds either. Barrett Reserve is not available.

Let’s get out and support the A’s at 3pm.

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  3 Responses to “A team is Playing! B’s, C’s, & D’s are cancelled.”

  1. shiiiiiiit! still a week away (hopefully).. could’ve got a game this week by the looks.. Doh!

  2. Callum can you hang about for the C’s game as well. I am due to finish work at 1.30pm but need to cover the eventuality that I may have to lock Saf up and could be off late.

    Chris is aware and is happy with this.

  3. I am ready to play today. I will attend the D Match and bring my gear.
    Jan Pfitzner

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