Jun 062013

Well, this isn’t really a match report – as i only watched the game in snippets (as i was trying to keep track of the B’s game as well).

But one thing that struck me was how well our defence played in tricky conditions – Steve Bresolin turned back the clock in goals, with a couple of absolutely fantastic saves. Cam, Pete, Adi and Darren were very solid & well organised at the back too & generally made life difficult for the Mercedes strikers, blocking shots & tackling hard all game. While our midfield worked hard to stifle their opponents and generally did a good job of getting behind the ball, making it hard for Mercedes to get through.

I was also impressed with the subs who came on – who really lifted our tempo – Hamad & Joe Windows look alike Dave both did very well & actually put Mercedes on the back foot a few times. I’m pretty sure Steve would have been happy with the effort & the organisation shown by the boys. Our execution (particularly passing) let us down a few times, but the structure was pretty good.

A 2 nil loss is always disappointing, but it was a massive improvement on the same game last season.. where Mercs put 10 or so past us.



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