Posted on 23 April, 2013 in Squads & Match Day by wojindows

A&B Training at 4pm. C&D usual time. Bring sneakers and boots.

For those interested: Dawn Service in the city 5:45am followed by breakfast.

Comments on 'THURSDAY A&B TRAINING 4pm!' (4)

  1. Ian says:

    Was talk tonight of Thursday’s training at 3pm, but Matt B said he got a txt tonight saying 4pm…which is it?

  2. ollie.smith says:

    Is this just for A’s and B’s or all sides?

    1. wojindows says:

      UPDATE: Just A&B now – C&D at usual time.

  3. Zidan says:

    Let`s play mini game at2,30 or3 pm. I`ll go there early. If everybody come early I`ll be happy.
    See everyone Thursday!

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