Apr 052013

The season is here! 

The A’s have a bye, but the rest are playing in the first round of the cup.   The C’s kickoff at home at 1pm, while the B’s (1pm) and D’s (3pm) are both away.

Links to maps can be found in the “Upcoming Dates” section on the right hand side of this page.

If you have not been selected it is likely because:

  1. You have not paid your fees
  2. You have not registered
  3. Coaches do not know if you are available or forgot about you.

Please Contact Your Coach if you have any questions about your availability.

You can contact Tim about fees or rego:  [email protected]

Good luck to all teams!!!!!

A’s Trial vs Blacks at Grads Oval – be there by 10:45

Alex M

Unavailable: Chris Neale

B’s vs Pembroke (4) away – be there by 12:15

Dan Aikin
Jafar Alrashid,
Paul K,
Ian Routledge
Matt Bate,
Juan Livore,
Amir Khasanov,
Richard Harris,
Mirshat Murat,
Long Nguyen,
Justin Kanga,
Harry Smith,
Titus Yap,
George Tan,
Emran Elias.

C’s vs North City (2B) at home – be there by 12:15

Lim Herng,
Kevin Bock,
Julio Angulo,
Johnson Tan,
Tim Levett,
Campbell Hopgood,
Fairuz Jumee,
Luke Ashworth,
Matt Gartner,
Dan Gartner,
Hamad Alamari,
Ji Lee,
Bill Hagger,
Matt Mostak
Manny Njuguna

D’s vs Rostrevor (1A) away – be there by 2:15

Steve Bresolin
Rob Alberton
Matteo Marangan
Pete Ashmore
Tomas Ganduglia
Chad Hill
Darren Jones
David Perry
Bobby Vidanage
Kenneth Yap

Graeme Jackson

Oliver Smith

Oscar Redfearn

  16 Responses to “Squads for Sat April 6”

  1. So the D’s are playing Ross A’s and we don’t have a keeper?
    Or is Steve going to be turning back the clock?

  2. I just realized I can’t play at 3pm tomorrow, will let Bres know but if a spot in the 1pm game becomes available I can play. Just a one off thing this week

    • thats ok dimi
      i only intend to play the required 70% of game if it starts getting messy

      its only a trial for us
      you wont be missed …said no one ever

  3. There’s an A’s goal-keeper who’s playing a friendly… Seriously wouldn’t it make more sense for him to play in the D’s? (especially as there have only been 13 named).

    • also Chris Neale is an A’s player who told Crab he is unavailable this week, so not sure if he’s meant to be there?

  4. Ummm why aren’t I picked? I paid my fees last night??

  5. why couldnt callum play for us
    he needs the pratice


    Either ring your coach or Tim (regarding fees).

  7. I have registered and paid but I cant play anyway. Kids birthday party. If you are truly desperate Steve I could try and get out of the party?

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