Feb 282013

All games at Parks Community Centre.

A’s  – be there by 2:15

Joe.        Kirsten.   Crab.     Lewis
Scott.       Ashwin
Jose.            Anoop.         Rob

Subs: Alan, Longy,  Gabe – all playing B’s

B’s – be there by 12:15

Ian       Gabe(1/2). Matt b.   Juan
Alan (1/2).   Mesha
Emran.           John G          Longy(1/2)

Subs: Shaun, Conan, Titus, Richard, George, Marchello

C’s and D’s were selected at training.

Be there at 10:15 and 8:15 respectively.

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  8 Responses to “Squads for Sat March 2nd”

  1. Hey boys, I could possibly make it down early for the d team. Who do I speak to to ask for a run?

  2. Just a little correction that my mate’s name is Mirshat instead of mesha 🙂

  3. Hi Kevin and Richard, I’m sorry I can’t play Saturday, can only make the early game.

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