Sep 102005

Kippling said that triumph and disaster are the very same thing but he obviously never lost a Cup Semi to Mercedes B. Having said that I think I know what he meant. I am very proud of the way we handled a defeat which was frustrating and bitterly disappointing. One thing we have always done is taken it on the chin whichever way it ends up after 90 minutes. Its one of the many reasons I am so proud to be the Coach of the Whites.

Missed chances were the story of the day and in many ways the story of the season. I guess we can’t be too disappointed not to win anything considering we only won 5 games in the league for the season.

Having said that I thoroughly enjoyed the year because the spirit at our club is fantastic. Several people have stood up this year to be club leaders and for that I am thankful. More on that at Bill’s.

Thanks to all the spectators who came out to watch us. Esp to Bec and Julie who have been there almost every week this year. It was lovely to see little Amelie at her first game.

Big thanks to Armin for all the support he has given me this year. It really felt like we worked as a team and shared the considerable load.

Now onto exciting matters.

Inaugural Uni Whites Pub Crawl – Saturday 1st October at 12pm start at the Kentish and then all around North Adelaide for as long as you can stand up. Should be fun. Drinking eleven points available. A good warm up for the big 30 the the following week.

End of Year Presentations at Bill Hills house on 15th October. Catering is supplied and will cost $15 a head or there abouts (Golden Roast Coast to Coast). BYO drinks. Please RSVP to me as soon as you can. Bill’s address is 127, 8th Avenue, Joslin. The big white house with the big white four wheel drive out front. Best and Fairest and Top team man awards to be presented as well as Players Choice Awards. I will bring my Roxette DVD for background music.

Looking forward to catching up with you all in the coming weeks.

That’s it.

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