Sep 092005

A good win by the boys for what was in the most part a very good team performance.

Thanks to Rob, Saf, Bill, Bec, Lee, Cappy and Peter for coming out to support the teams. Also thanks to Chris Gayen and Michael Krause for being on the card but not getting a run. Krause also got to wash the kit for this trouble which is always a bonus, especially when you don’t have a washing machine!!

Joe Windows and Jon Aspin were superb at the back in negating former NSL wunderkind Sean Widera. Simon Ward also did a great job back there in circumstances where Jon was giving Joe a little bit more protection than would normally be the case.

Timy Dawson was terrific in the defensive midfield and made many telling tackles and intercepts.

Ritchie and Nick were very dangerous up front when the ball was played up to them first time into space. They both worked their arses off all day.

Kudos must go to “What about Marty” Aspin who had an inspired first half and scored two goals. On both occasions he wanted the ball more than anyone else and showed tremendous composure to score. The second was especially vital as we had just given away a stupid goal and it restored our breathing space, which we certainly deserved on the run of play.

In the second half we were on top but Windsor were always threatening when they went forward. Hayden who had been given a role to shut down their number two who was creating havoc, did very well to keep him out of the game.

There were some tense moments as we squandered several very good chances. Dan Aiken made a triple save in his own six yard box which was the stuff of legends. I think Dan is clearly the best goalkeeper in the league, something he can be very proud of.

Finally a bit of breathing space came when Ritchie finished with aplomb and Hayden finished a fine game by tapping in from a few yards out after a beautiful flowing move down the right.

Campbell came on late to protect Nick from a red card and almost created two goals in the 90 seconds he was on the pitch. A nice effort.

We now move through to the Semi Final and as always with the Cup, anything can happen if we work hard and listen to the Coach (he he).

Glory is only two games away.

Look forward to seeing you all at training.

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